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New sea spider discovered in Antarctica, breathes through its 1.2-inch legs


A new species of sea spider was reportedly discovered crawling around in the frozen waters of Antarctica. The shape and look of the spider would almost certainly be nightmare fuel for those who already have a certain disdain for the creepy-crawlies.

The New York Post reported that the new species, known as Austropallene halanychi, was discovered when researchers cast a trawl into the Ross Sea. The sea is about 200 miles from the South Pole.

The details of the discovery were laid out in a new study published in the journal ZooKeys.

The report noted that in January 2013, scientists who were working aboard the ship RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer reeled in a net and realized that the unusual specimen did not fall into any pre-existing descriptions of spiders. The new sea spider was apparently discovered around 1,900 feet under water.

The new sea spider turned out to be much larger than other sea spiders, with its legs measuring more than one inch in length. The report stated it has four pigmented eyes and a short, “swollen” abdomen, and a “wreath” of bristle-like follicles around its mouth.

Andrew Mahon, who co-authored the study, said that one of the most unique elements to the new sea spider is that its vital organs originate in its legs. Mahon went on to say that the species even appears to use its legs to breathe,…

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