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News Roundup; Navarro subpoenaed by grand jury; Trump does a little dance for the gun crowd


By the end of the decade, sea levels will have risen measurably, drought will have permanently altered U.S. landscapes, and every last person who worked in Donald Trump’s White House will have been hauled in front of a federal grand jury.

The first funerals for children killed by a teenager wielding an AR-15 in Uvalde, Texas, took place Monday, but at last weekend’s annual convention of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the indifference was palpable. Donald Trump adviser Peter Navarro has now been subpoenaed by a grand jury after previously refusing to testify to Congress about his knowledge of the Jan. 6 insurrection; Navarro will likely be required to explain his declarations that he need not testify due to executive privilege, even though Trump never asserted that privilege to begin with. The Durham investigation launched as Trump-era retaliation against the Robert Mueller report continues to wind down in piteous fashion. Meanwhile, the nation’s violent far-right continues to target a wide swath of supposed enemies.

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