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Invite to one more '' Globe After Corona Infection''. Because we have a special guest today, I am extremely happy and honored. Not only is he my hero, but he has been a hero for many generations. This is an unusual event as both of us are in self-seclusion. Could you please tell us about yourself, such as where are you and how long you have been in self-seclusion. I am currently in Tucson, Arizona for self-isolation. As you know, you were born in 1928. You also wrote your first essay at the age of 10, which was about the Spanish civil war. In reality, that was after the fall in Barcelona, therefore 1938. This seems very distant for my generation.

You were a witness in Hiroshima to the 2nd world war. Before that, Chernobyl was your witness. Later, in the 90s, 9/11 was also an international event. I suggest that I try to decrease the history of someone like yourself’s lifetime. However, the most recent was the 2008 economic crash. So in this background, of such an abundant life as well as being a witness as well as likewise a star in this significant historic processes, '' how do you look at the existing corona infection crisis? Is this an extraordinary historic event? Or is it something that surprised you? What are your thoughts? That is my concern. That would be my concern. My childhood fears were not completely unfounded. These childhood memories are still with us today. I can remember, when I was a kid, a young kid listening to Hitler'' s Nuremberg rallies over the radio, I couldn ' t comprehend the words yet you can quickly understand the state of mind and the risk as well as so on, as well as I need to say when I pay attention to Donald Trump'' s rallies today, it reverberates. It'' s not that he ' s a fascist, he doesn ' t have that much of an ideological background, he ' s simply a lunatic, however an individual concerned with himself, yet the mood and the fears is similar and also the concept that the destiny of the nation as well as the globe

is in the hands of a sociopathic wag, is shocking.The coronavirus is'serious sufficient however it ' s worth remembering that there is a much better scary approaching, we are racing to the side of calamity, much worse then anything that'' s took place in human history. Donald Trump and his minions are still leading the race to the void. We are facing two huge threats. One is the growing threat of nuclear war, which has actually aggravated it by the tearing what'' s left of the arms control program as well as the other of course is the growing danger of international warming. Both risks can be dealt, but there isn ' t a great deal of time and the corona virus is a terrible can have scary repercussions However there will be recovery, while the others won'' t'be recouped

, it ' s finished.If we don ' t take care of them, we ' re done. I am also seeing the same youth memories come back to haunt me in a new dimension. The danger of nuclear battle didn'' t get a feeling of where the globe actually is, by aiming to early, to this January, as may you understand every year the end ofthe world clock is established, established with the minute-hand at specific distance from twelve o’clock at night, which indicates discontinuation. Since Trump’s election, the minute-hand has moved closer and closer to midnight. It was 2:02 a.m. in 2014. It was the greatest, equaling its highest ever reached. This year the experts did without mins, began transferring to seconds, 100 seconds to twelve o’clock at night That'' s the closest it'' s ever been. Spotting three points: The threat of nuclear war, hazard of international warming and the degeneration of democracy, which doesn'' t rather belong right into right here but it does, since that'' s the just, wish that we have, for getting over the situation as well as in for [inaudible] public taking control of their destiny, if that doesn'' t happen, we are doomed.If we are leaving our fate to sociopathic wags, we'' re completed. Which'' s coming close, Trump is the worst, that ' s as a result of United States Power, which is frustrating. We are chatting about U.S decline, yet you simply check out the world, you put on'' t see that when the U.S imposes assents, killers, ruining permissions, that'' s the only country that can do that, however everybody needs to adhere to. While Europe may not approve of, and even hate, Iran’s actions, they must follow the master or they will be kicked out the global economic system. Thats not a regulation of nature it'' s a decision in Europe to be secondary to the master in Washington, various other countries don'' t also have an option. In addition to the Coronavirus, one aspect that is most striking and severe is its use of sanctions. This is a decision in Europe to be secondary to Washington. Many other countries do not have this option. Cuba has been dealing with it, from the moment, where it got independence, yet it ' s impressive, that they made it through however they stayed resilient and among one of the most ironic aspects of today ' s infection dilemma, is that Cuba is assisting Europe. I mean this is so stunning, that you don'' t know just how to explain it. That Germany can'' t help Greece, however Cuba can assist the European nations. If you stop to assume concerning what that indicates, all words fall short, equally as when you see hundreds of people passing away in the Mediterranean, fleeing from a region, that has been devastated for centuries as well as being sent to the deaths in the Mediterranean, you don'' t know what words to make use of. The dilemma, the civilizational dilemma of the West at this moment is devastating, to think of them as well as it does bring up childhood years memories of paying attention to Hitler raving on the radio to raucous crowds it makes you ask yourself if this varieties is even viable.You mentioned the crisis of democracy, Presently I think we locate ourselves additionally in a traditionally unpresedented scenario, in the feeling that almost 2 billion people, that ' s a number I located today, remain in one or the other means confined in your home, whether it is seclusion, self-isolation or quarantine. Nearly 2 million people worldwide go to their residence, if they have one. We can also see that Europe and other countries have closed their borders, both internal and external. There is an exemption for all nations that we can consider. This means curfews in many countries like France, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Spain and Italy. And what I would ask you as a Linguist, is the length language currently flowing around? If you pay attention to Macron as well as some other European politicians, you’ll always hear about war. There is also media talk about doctors who go to the first “cutting edge” of the infection. I was reminded of a training course, but not from childhood memories. Victor Klemperer wrote “Lingua Tertii Imperiali”, a publication about the Third Reich’s language. It is also a publication concerning the ideology behind the language. So, what information does this discourse regarding war inform us? And why are they offering a virus as an enemy, or to legitimize the new state of exception? protect the unsupported claims, yet I think it ' s not exaggerated.It has some relevance. The definition is, that if'we wish to manage the situation, we have to transfer to something like war time mobilization. You can think of an abundance country like the United States. It has the resources to overcome the immediate economic crisis. The Second Globe War mobilization led to far greater financial obligations than today. It was also extremely effective. It almost quadrupled U.S. manufacturing and ended the depression. [ inaudible] However, it is a possibility to grow. That ' s less than we need possibly, not on that range it ' s not like this in a world war, yet we need the way of thinking'of the movement, of a social??? The goal is to solve the immediate crisis. Right here we, can remember the swine flue epedemic in 2009, to stemmed in the United state Pair hundreds thousand people, at the initial view recouped from worst, yet it has actually to be dealt with, That ' s an abundant country like the States. Now there ' s two biillion individuals, the bulk are in India.What occurs for Indian, they live from hand to mouth, that ' s separated, starves to death.

What ' s gon na happen? If the world were civil, all the countries would offer aid to those in need, not suffocate them as we do in India. The type of crisis, you know whether the situation can be within a country like India, I put on ' t recognize, birth in mind that the, with present propensities if they persist South Asia, is mosting likely to be unlivable in a few decades.The temperature level reached a 50 degrees, in Rajasthan this summer season as well as it ' s raising.

The waters right now, could get also worse, there ' s two nuclear powers, they ' re gon na be contesting restricting reduced water products.'I indicate the corona virus is really'significant, we can ' t undervalue it, yet we need to keep in mind that it ' s a portion, small fraction of significant dilemma, that are occurring. Although they won’t cause major disruptions in your life today, corona infections will. So we have numerous problems to handle, well, instant ones, corona infection is severe, needs to be managed and also much larger ones, significantly bigger ones, they ' re impending. There is the civilizational problem. We must time the potential silver lining of corona, as it might, to get people to think about what kinda world they would like. Are we willing to live in a world like this? This situation is caused by a number of factors. It is a huge market failure. Why didn ' t they do it? They were misled by the market signals. The medication firms, we have turned over our destiny to private tyrannies, hold companies, which are unaccountable to the general public, in this'instance, huge Pharma and also for them they make brand-new body creams, it ' s much more lucrative, than that of locating an injection that will certainly secure individuals from complete destruction.It ' s impossible for the government to action in, going back to wartime mobilization, that ' s what'happened Polio, at the time, I can keep in mind effectively was a frightening risk, it was ended by the exploration of'the Salk injection, by a government organization, set off by the Roosevelt management. There are no Patents readily available for everyone. While this might have been possible at the time, the neoliberal problem has actually prevented it. We live under an ideology for which economists bear a lot of responsibility. This belief is based on the corporate market. Ronald Reagan looking at the manuscript, as his corporate masters do, with his bright smile, asserting that government is the issue. Allow ' s get rid of federal government, which means, let ' s hand over choices to personal tyrannies, that are unaccountable with the public. Thatcher was instructing us on the other side of the Atlantic that there is a society. It is not just individuals who are thrown into the market to survive. The world has been suffering under the abundant, years as well as it ' s now at the factor where points, that might be done, like straight federal government intervention on the range the innovation of the Salk vaccination, yet that ' s blocked for ideological reasons, coming out of the neoliberal plague and also the point is that this corona infection epidemic could have been avoided, the details existed to be checked out, as a matter of fact it'was well recognized in October 2019, simply prior to the outbreak.There was a large scale simulation, by level simulation in the USA, on the planet of the possible pandemic of this kind. The political betrayal meant that the situation got worse.

systems. We did ' t take notice of the information that they were aware of, on December 31st, China informed the World Health and wellness Organisation of pneumonia, like symptoms with unknown etiology. One week later, Chinese researchers identified it as a coronavirus. They sequenced it and shared the information with the world. China, Soth Korean, Taiwan, and Singapore began to take action.

In Europe to some extent, that ' s took place. Germany which had, which hadn ' t moved, just in a timely manner, it has the medical facility systems under the liberalism, did have extra analysis capability and also was able to act in an extremely selfish style, not helping'others however, for itself a minimum of, to have a practical containment Other nations simply neglected it, the most awful of them the United Kingdom as well as the most awful of all was the USA, which occurs to be led by [faint] that claims, you recognize someday there ' s no dilemma, it ' s similar to influenza, the next day it ' s a terrible crisis, I knew everything along, the next day we have to offer it for business, because I'have to win the election.The Concept that the globe remains in these hands, is surprising, but the point is that it started with it, once more, a colossal market failure by

This is a sign of fundamental problems in the social financial system, made worse by the neoliberal pester, and the proceeds of it, due to the collapse the kind of institutional frameworks that could manage it, if these were working. These are topics we need to think about and believe deeply in. There will always be alternatives if we do not conquer. You have many choices. There is the possibility of imposing harsh and tyrannical States, or you can choose to repair society in more humane terms that are less interested in the human needs of profit. We should remember that highly tyrannical vicious States are quite compatible with neoliberalism. [faint] from neoliberalism [faint] to Hayek the rest, were flawlessly pleased with huge state violence, as long as it supported what they called audio economics.Neo-liberalism has it ' s origins in 1920s Vienna, from [inaudible] could not have been in his delight, in Austrian proto-fascist state and also wrecked organized labor and Austrian democratic social democracy and also signed with

the very early proto-fascist'federal government, praised it. He praised fascism because he had secured sound business economics. When Pinochet set up a murderer ' s ruthless dictatorship in Chile, they all loved it, they all fought there, [inaudible] The miracle of this amazing miracle was helping to bring some of the people up. So, it ' s not wrong to believe, of a savage neoliberal system may be re-installed by self-proclaimed libertarians with an effective state physical violence, enforcing, that ' s one component, one problem, that could transpire. Yet it ' s not required, there is the possibility that people will certainly organize, come to be involved, as several are doing, as well as bringt concerning a much far better globe, which will likewise challenge the massive issues, that were dealing with right later on, the troubles of nuclear battle, which is closer than it ' s ever before been and also the troubles of environmental catastrophe from which there is no recovery once we ' ve reached that stage, that it ' s not far in distance, unless we act decisively.So it ' s a defining moment of human background, not even if of the corona infection, but to bring us, ought to bring us to awareness of the profound problems the globe flawed not strong enough, the deep', inefficient features of the entire socio-economic system, which needs to [ inaudible], if there ' s mosting likely to be a survivable future. This can be a caution indicator and a lesson to deal with it today or prevent it from taking off, but thinking of it ' s origins and just how those origins are going to lead to more crisis, even worse ones than this, additional pay'right away. And considering that we wear ' t have much time, I ' ll simply position one last inquiry, yes, so, I think many individuals are interested and also us, who are energetic in social movements and mobilization as well as arranged for years, making use of physical as well as social closeness in between people, but now instantly'we are all getting accustomed to what is now being called ' Social-distancing ', so my questions is, just how do you see the future of social resistance, in times of social distance and if this takes a couple of more months, not to discuss maybe a year to two, as well as we are generally in self seclusion in the house, what would be your 'encourage to progressives around the globe, activists, also pundits, trainees, employees, exactly how to arrange in this brand-new scenario? Could you possibly tell us whether you see a possibility for a world without authoritarianism and instead of a global reorganization that would be more green, equal, as well as full of solidarity. We must remember that there has been social seclusion in the last few years. One type of superficial discussion is going on amongst them. The other one is where each one is carrying his own mobile phone and a friend. This has led to a remarkable level of isolation and also atomization. Thatcher’s concept that there was no culture has been intensified by the misuse of social media sites. This has made people extremely isolated, particularly young individuals. There are colleges across the United States that have plaques stating “Look up!” Because every child is walking, it’s glued to itself. That ' s a type of self induced social isolation, which has been extremely dangerous. We ' re now on a situation of real social isolation. It has to relapse by recreating, social bonds any way can be done, who require if whatever kind that can be aiding people in need.Contacting them, creating companies, expanding analyzation, like before I ' m getting them to be functional and also operative, making prepare for the future, bringing people with each other as he can in the internet age, to sign up with, speak with purposeful to determine response to the problems that they face and also work with them, which can be done, it ' s not face to-face interaction which for human beings is essential. Yet it ' ll be denied of it for a while, you can place it on hold find other ways and also proceed with the, and in truth, expand and also strengthen the tasks executed, can be done, it ' s not going to'be very easy, yet people have dealt with problem Can I pose an inquiry, considering that we are both in self-isolation? My canine wants to talk. Is that before you had a parrot? Are you a bird, or a pararot? Or, a bird? There was an audio of it, yes? Yes, a????? Parrot can assert: Sovereignty for all Portuguese people.

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