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Noted Legal Scholar Whoopi Goldberg Goes Over the Edge for Biden on Classified Docs – RedState


We’ve seen the ladies of “The View” say a lot of dumb things to justify Democrats and the liberal narrative.

Yet, they seem to always lower that bar. Whoopi Goldberg made that deep dive.

You know you’re getting into trouble when “The View” is talking about classified documents. That’s a bit like Geraldo Rivera or Joe Biden talking about guns. Whoopi tried to justify the five different batches of classified documents found at Biden’s home and the Penn Biden Center.

“Presidents and vice presidents can declassify these. Their brains are not enough. You have to go — there is something that you go through before it’s declassified,” Whoopi claimed.

“It was expanded right after that George Bush put it into place because George Bush made it so presidents could declassify – Obama stretched it to vice presidents.

So, given – I wish they would say all that while they’re explaining what’s going on because if you say, you know, “a classified document,”…

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