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Official Who Censor Alex Berenson on Twitter Is Disinfo Master


Pot, meet kettle. These words describe the reactions to recent documents that indicate former Biden covid advisor Andy Slavitt tried to ban Alex Berenson from Twitter last year.

Berenson posted documents online that he had received from Twitter in August as part of his lawsuit against Twitter. Twitter settled the lawsuit by restoring Berenson’s account, which it said the company should not have suspended in the first place. This document was one of the documents Berenson provided.

These documents are from an internal Twitter Slack channel and refer to a conversation between Twitter employees at White House in April. At that time, Slavitt, who had been acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under Barack Obama, was serving in the Biden administration’s covid task force. According to the Twitter Slack message, Slavitt pushed for action against Berenson, because the latter represented an “epicenter of disinfo[rmation] that radiated outwards to the persuadable public” regarding covid vaccines.

I will let others comment on the legal issues presented by this case, and the documents in question—whether Twitter violated its terms, and Berenson’s legal rights, in suspending Berenson, and whether the apparent…

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