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One Republican Who Will Fight For Religious Freedom


A pivotal moment in American politics happened on Tuesday, when a sitting United States congressman from Ohio, Max Miller, declared that the very foundation of the Christian faith is “bigoted” and “goes too far,” and tried to kick it from the public square. Note that Miller is not a leftist Democrat, from whom these attacks on the First Amendment and Christianity are commonplace. Miller is a Trump-endorsed Republican who calls himself a “conservative voice” for Ohioans.

This shocking denunciation of Christianity was in response to a post I made on X, formerly known as Twitter, stating, “There’s no hope for any of us outside of having faith in Jesus Christ alone.” Most would say my message was an average non-offensive Christian post, similar to what the majority of Miller’s voters hear every Sunday morning from the pew or teach their kids at the dinner table.

So why would a so-called conservative Republican leader oppose and try to silence such a common sentiment among his very own voters? Have we reached a time in American politics where even conservative leaders feel comfortable attacking Christianity? 

Apparently. You see, Miller did not just “disagree” with Christianity, which he is free to do. He openly condemned it as “the most bigoted” thing he has…

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