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planeTALK | Prof Jürgen RAPS 1/2 “Der ehem. Leiter d. Lufthansa Flugschule” (24 subtitle-languages)

planeTALK | Prof Jürgen RAPS 1/2 “Der ehem. Leiter d. Lufthansa Flugschule” (24 subtitle-languages)

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bosom friends of air travel love coworkers dear
future coworkers i am sitting right here with thomas aigner the
head of PilotsEYE.tv and I am speaking to him about the subject of the industrial pilot school of
german air passages desire you have enjoyable as well as delight in planeTALK
the podcast today with teacher jürgen raps previous highest pilot of
lufthansa he had concerning 700 pilots on the 737
today he is right here with us jürgen raps the captain the guy who is popular to PilotsEYE.tv visitors as well as what possibly not everybody knows is
that he spent four years training namely the business pilot college in
bremen that is today our subject because presently it is once again
via all the media that this college the center perhaps
one might likewise claim that this is the the umbilical cord of lufthansa at the moment
the end and also that is today additionally our topic to learn a bit extra about
regarding this training and regarding these schools to learn more about. Jürgen just how much do you need to explore the future when you run a school like this
what indicators are there perhaps that you consider
where you can claim there is a little bit of just how possibly yes the guest scenario will create
the passenger scenario will develop if you take a look at the oil price you consider the
the prosperity of the population or do you look at the octopus we
had at the globe mug that forecasted the right objectives
so often football can be altered are you a follower of this card
Been yes of training course however what are indications
how can you find out in an institution of industrial aeronautics where you can intend for five
or perhaps even 10 years so what do you look at when you go to the personnel preparation I look at
need at the trip institution about four to 5 years lead time so I have to
concerning if I take 2020 currently there I have to look at the year 2025 if I can
2026 as well, what does that resemble? my atmosphere just how does it look like my
trip program the number of aircrafts do i have there and also how does the
advisory circumstance the amount of are entering pension plan, the amount of might end up being unsuited to fly? there are a great deal of criteria
that have actually to be thought about claimed I need to first state we
need staff after that people apply after that I have to
then I need to sift with the applications do they also get with the filters
that I have established, after that I have to be invited to the
entryway tests to the very first entryway exam and afterwards to the 2nd
entrance exam if they pass the first passed
as well as after that I put them in Bremen first.The initial time,

in a manner of speaking, in the lecture hall and also
the whole circumstance takes four to 5 years. The time I need to look ahead
is hard enough as well as you never ever hit the Black. Just how usually have I needed to listen to
not just as the head of the trip school yet later on likewise as primary pilot or
when I was after that on the guest board of the airline company: “” their personnel planning is
bad, we have no staffing plan. always too few or too numerous personnel””. All I can claim is: “” yes, that'' s right we have constantly also little or way too much staff
because I'' m never ever on target specifically on the bull ' s eye due to the fact that the conditions are continuously altering the economic conditions””. As well as we see each other repeatedly in all dilemmas the aviation service is an extremely sensitive service no issue where what happens on this world somehow aeronautics is constantly affected however that'' s another closure actually an oath of revelation were then one must instead go here and also say what concessions are there for me I review in this post from post from the year 93 that you just the size of the training – yes, that is also a possibility that you have concepts that you the course also works to ensure that'' s why I. I ' ve stated it from the start I'' m holding on a closure not due to the fact that I myself. I utilized to be the head of the flight school but I'' m holding a closure for several, numerous.
reasons for tactical reasons for calculated factors for psychological factors for planning factors.
i do rule out closure right.
since I quickly discussed it previously the minute that service grabs.
choices up once again it'' s generally extremely very extremely rapidly as well as extremely really considerably at.
all airlines as well as after that when you have pilots missing.
for whatever factor then you can you can'' t play. in this league then you are missing pilots and afterwards it comes to be pricey.
after that those who are still there have to even more trip hours flying over.
flight hours fly or they have to reduce back on.
reduced on vacation privileges there vacation needs to be bought off we have.
already done it all, much more pricey also a lot more pricey and also purchased off vacation right.
pricey, we have currently done it all and also there is likewise an element in.
the minute I put on'' t have adequate team on board then likewise my.
training then I have to trainers not available for training.
jr personnel offered there are numerous points i have to.
I need to consider we have to likewise be made.
be yet with all what I recognize and also what.
experience I carry this subject I would certainly refrain from doing it could likewise be a.
political ulterior intention that says at the minute when the business needs to save.
has to save again we are currently howling preventative loud to make sure that quasi over.
the media to develop an impact once more or so that a meeting like the one.
like the one we are carrying out now maybe he never ever planned to go.
never ever planned to go or never did before I put on'' t think the factor to consider is.
actually fine currently as well as now nervous and also pretending that it'' s already closed. currently shut, I believe it ' s prematurely there will be plenty of
. conversations Allowed'' s just briefly revisit a. basic inquiry once more probably it is also the
. and also method of this education as it is now for 64 years.
probably currently slowly outdated so i'' m increasing purposefully as well as.
we have simply seen with corona that homeschooling can take place eventually for instance.
as an example, that you state okay currently the pilot training has to take place with the
. with the parents it'' s not going to occur now, of program.
From the standard suggestion that is quasi this visibility is perhaps no much longer.
required to say that we require the area no much longer.
we both recognize that flying is a lot more or much less much more that check the computer always.
more like he doesn'' t have something like that as well possibly the consequence that.
education and learning has to be rethought yes it is frequently being rethought which.
what is being done currently at the training to come to be a pilot.
traffic pilot that I think is the non-plus-ultra what the next step will certainly be.
that will be the usage of these.
three-dimensional glasses e.g.Yes you can also in the theoretical area. dropped in the self-study we make to the part of it however there is still a great deal of. still a great deal of training content and also training material that. truly require the classroom specifically man to guy or female. guy to male or whatever supervision that ' s not mosting likely to go away entirely.
You can have a training to end up being a commercial pilot that.
you can'' t do it on your very own not yet possibly in 20 30.
years but at the minute landtag speaks concerning the history of the bremer.
flight school with the former institution director as well as consequently principal.
pilots of lufthansa phoenix quickly munich this is essentially the.
present trip routine you can say at residence and also.
a little bit at residence in munich might be you might claim concerning two people yes yes something.
is brief the year 1991 emotionally call lufthansa reported a loss of.
loss of 444 million d-mark the they were still.
you'' ve been head of the website traffic pilot college in bremen.
today we are speaking about the during that time the college for industrial pilots was additionally.
concerning to be shut down you recognize the one in charge yet the message that.
it will actually be shut like now in the last days did not come.
no it did not come the lufthansa was then.
by the brand-new ceo jürgen weber who was has more or less brought them back right into the black.
the present seo has nine billion support he has got or is obtaining.
He is going to be the website traffic pilot college anyway to.
lock i am not convinced the.
message that it will be shut is of course not yet come at the minute.
that they are speaking about it.About possibly shutting the institution. under particular scenarios. conditions yet is not. closed a minimum of it is my degree of expertise as well as that is that corresponds. around to the state of knowledge in 1991 were we were just as far along and also I found a. paper article from that time you have 93 course cancellations. fleet reductions and also efficiency renovations in the cabin.
19 93 will lead to a predicted excess of 400 pilots on line task this also suggests that lufthansa. currently run 412 younger aircraft nff will not have the ability to supply them any type of.
can offer job incidentally, one of these trip students was a particular mr. also a particular mr carsten spohr has likewise seen the entire point himself. witnessed it certainly the host during that time the course speaker as the head of the. web traffic pilot college was okay so me have the feeling that
this is such a. irreversible up and down which so a school is shut a.
a bit like a seismograph it can be from this where.
to close the school the health circumstance of the.
parent company yes certainly so such. decisions are constantly taken when the business is doing badly. clear if liquidity troubles so the truth that it is being assumed around. must not scare you that is fairly normal would be negative otherwise. Assumed regarding it but whether they is now shut that is. not an easy choice since it is additionally extremely challenging to. to check into the future most of all under today element of this. pandemic as well as for the the following couple of years exactly how air traffic. air traffic will certainly create is immensely tough and I think.
much more hard than it remained in the 90s. How can you have a flight institution when you ' re an airline and you ' re reliant on pilots? on pilots yes so I I have in'mind there are numerous. alternatives, so I can trip institution for one jennifer so for. permanently as well as say okay we will sell precisely if this is available for sale at all in. bremen is available in any way on airport under the present circumstances. that ' s numerous residential property values that are standing there and additionally the order of magnitude.
is not to be sneezed at whether one can offer this currently at the present time. that bases on a whole new
level.Other fallen leave. Of program you have to believe concerning about where to obtain my children in the future. my children in the future and also there

one should likewise
recognize when service gets. business gets, which I ' m sure all of us outgoing concern is just were yet if. service selects up again after that it grabs anywhere. and afterwards the marketplace goes to excellent business pilots that is extremely promptly. and whether or not an airline company like lufthansa intends to
obtain entailed in something similar to this.
desires I ' m mosting likely to put a very, really large.
question mark you can additionally say I under the existing conditions. under the present circumstances.Alternative that I state fine I'recognize. essentially in the following 2 to 3 years i absolutely put on ' t requirement. a jr pilot and also states i do the flight institution as. cost-bearer is yes now I
do the two to three years and afterwards farsi.
and after that launch once more hiring staff. the trouble I would claim of planning and also the parameters that. have to be considered if you want to workers that is currently immense. during that time the idea of the camp
heiring with the location was additionally. taken into consideration if you make one only kempis heiring, which
suggests that we. the ideal employees from other flight institutions or from other.
airlines it does not operate at the quantity that a group like. lufthansa needs with currently in full beauty 750 airplanes which naturally. currently partially not flying however in a couple of years they will be flying once more you don ' t get them prior to all points. not when you need them since then british
airways air france after that celebrate. all the youngsters around lufthansa around germany has the entire globe.
and you get currently at the staff there it have to increase with the with the repayments. increase naturally that will certainly all immensely expensive as well as all of it needs to be thought about. such tales in a manner an insight into why it makes any.
make sense that a business like the lufthansa has its own college? That has a quality insurance claim like extremely much they live up to
it. or exactly how they do it to the distinction between the pilots you. train yourself and also possibly pilots you might or else obtain from the. from the complimentary market so we only have to look at the 50 60. years the flight college has actually been in presence looking in reverse is a you
name it. it ' s a top quality trouble and also top quality issue and it is a top quality. issue and also if I have my very own training. which is de facto mostly all airline companies on this globe now as a principle. ride the only ones who still
drive one more. idea are the americans that educate their team in a different way however the. european british airways as an example air france that is naturally further to.
lufthansa belongs to the lufthansa group likewise an aua they all recruit via their own. very own trip institutions additionally a singapore much also the chinese emirates has.
began their very own trip school and also then of training course the training within the.
within the framework of the airline company approach i am looking for the entry examination at. lufthansa at the dlr is likewise such as this made that one does not seek a pilot. or a jack-of-all-trades or a decathlete who is now with the ability of piloting. to pilot an aeroplane yet we are trying to find captains
possible captains. who are qualified of piloting a plane currently fourth stripe as well as the needs. developed by the fourth stripe to fulfil. when a worker is a pilot captain has to leave the company. just how commonly do they then go and
attempt to see if you can get the quasi.
as a filter earlier while doing so in this recording stage. so rather particularly obviously germanwings there is a mental. problem, you go below as well as or you go here as well as you claim you ' re. actually have a look at the the entire job of Mr.Opitz to see
. to always check out how does it work like that you have to.
concerned a realisation what of course there is but no you constantly check out

it one is constantly distressed after that to improve the. to boost the entire system it is excellent but that doesn ' t mean that. there is no space for renovation was there an adjustment afterwards that you understand of. understand about since of course this is no'longer his active time yet was there after. germanwings a modification in the training or in the filter individuals additionally. to a year there was i recognize the details but I know that there were.
in the clinical selection as well as additionally in the expert choice. he was the captain of the very first set like episode as well as he is likewise the initial guest in the. the brand-new podcast collection kleintop jürgen raps previous highest pilot of.
lufthansa today with thomas aigner you certainly additionally have individual.
experience to the following concern which remains in the direction of the pilots who remain in training. training, there are, of training course now currently pilots who are only missing out on.
a few last flying hrs and after that they would really currently be. they would certainly have their permit yes we understand currently a blue letter and so after the.
motto thank you quite has actually pleased us this is currently the top darkness or.
exactly how to manage such cases who are in the center of training. some have actually just started potentially but some are simply. regarding to obtain their permit of course i I need to claim truthfully I don ' t understand exactly how.
lufthansa likes it right now I must state Yes, naturally, you didn ' t need to claim. close we have or otherwise yet he possibly has a fallback in situation. situation it'is like him how would one be it depends on what the. individuals have for a training contract they absolutely have a different training agreement currently.
training agreement as they had back then and in what phase of training they are in and also. we had a fallback back then the the individual stages in any type of instance. and also to provide the individuals the brief kind type ranking we would certainly have
. certainly we would certainly have completed them at that time anyhow, that was the suggestion till. the permit that somewhere then they would enter into the tie-break if they can currently. not in training with lufthansa might go.
it would have been an opportunity for us had a lot of clients during that time. clients you have to think about take the iberia the air france. obviously the flying force we
had taiwanese airline companies were with us. customers as well as we had the auer we now he understands back then as a consumer. can you inform how big the portion was? of the seemingly pure service for. various other airlines and the quasi for the very own pilots was i would certainly claim excellent. a good 50 60 percent of business was frameworks company hauke and also such container.
obviously also the standard prices of his school actually pay yes in any kind of.
instance which'' s why I think
they likewise claimed. claimed if the government militaries would venture out currently in the existing.
standing then that would certainly be quasi that might come to be a decisive element whether the.
the federal military remains there or whether the wii right now is possibly still.
be able to give expression please give this description really quickly.
typically I have listened to when you do an instruction at this.
school after that you can'' t if you you'can ' t most likely to any various other airline company.
airline but you are of program currently bound additionally it is.
also a component of lufthansa the naturally invested in the training.
that you will certainly obviously remain with it if such a college is closed you would have.
your chance to be informed all right now are you allowed out or are they going to.
at the not in the dead end with with suitable retraining you can.
you can of program go out the opportunities these flexible possibilities already exist.
and also when the chips are down then in this regard one must.
certainly with the federal aviation workplace what do you require as extra.
measures an additional training to to make individuals available for the entire.
to make them offered for the entire market can look elsewhere, which presently.
but certainly difficult presently since all airline companies have to do it.
due to the fact that for the german question the internal surplus of pilots at.
lufthansa is presently 900 that is acting flying rather normal.
existing pilots 100 as a result is a number that is of course that is quite a.
residence number these are rather from that with.
the lufthansa for the first time such a huge number of pilots that are unnecessary in.
in upside down commas because of the scenario what is presently determined for the.
for the next 2 to 3 years is extremely very tough.
I am no much longer monitoring however at the minute i am looking at.
of the following 2 3 years development rates that will occur and also.
where they will certainly occur as extremely tough over all, we have continuous.
altering conditions right currently today i review again in an.
digital publication that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow the.
the prime preachers of the states under leadership of health and wellness preacher save.
wish to agree that this required corona test.
if you originate from a danger location as well as individuals that originate from a.
originated from a threat area despite with which suggests of transportation have actually to be quarantined for 5 days.
quarantine for 5 days as well as after that need to take the test.Do.

this of program relates to all developments again computations of the airlines and also the whole.
travel point nicely because if somebody has what I recognize intends to most likely to spain or.
flies into a threat area or comes from a danger area for whatever factor.
whatever then he will reconsider.
5 days quarantine commitment whether he will certainly this trip at all tells.
your own tale since you did not intend to pertain to germany.
as well as both weeks of quarantine … the entire thing is naturally absurd can.
to put it candidly, that is can be transformed quasi one to one.
To their tourist or mass transportation that one states the longer.
quality is decreed the less is flown of course obviously.
That implies saving cash with such a decision of course of course he has.
not the lufthansa in the eye however can completely damage an airline company?the entire traveling sector is doing something will certainly be the right remedy if save
would certainly currently ask me where there would be much better way from the viewpoint of an
airlines you can speak about it that one progressively reopens the
borders, certainly, with the demand in the test to make there are of course
there are likewise fast tests in the meanwhile tests to the in health center my close friend the
I saw the other day was the needs to go to the hospital today he claimed
has to go to the health center whenever treatment is done rapidly
test A service would additionally be to gradually
travel before all points of the worldwide traveling because the significant
airline companies each make the largest hit so the greatest revenue on
long haul not residential and not in europe however on the
long run where the children are far more pricey are
within Germany yet the extra that is told the extra I in fact consider
this competitive benefit wifi so there were the airline companies that said
complimentary of fee with us and also they have actually would certainly have expected a benefit
not do something similar to this with a quick test where they say that even if you
with us, you'' ll right away obtain a quick examination at the airport already virtually
pay absolutely nothing for it and you obtain had a stamp
yes if I have there should be numerous play along with the subject is not that
a political choice you desire to make however if you can'' t hofer idea however one is yes no no ideas at all that would certainly be an opportunity for instance to do such a quick test prior to the trip and afterwards when you get here in the other nation where currently 5 days quarantine then you can say all right you go every other day to the quick examination would certainly be an opportunity however we were in the difficult problems and established the instance just in situation it might take place of course, that we could relatively quickly vaccination because the airline company sector has always had revealed again that they are incredibly promptly recover that it is extremely that remained in 2001 after the assaults on the world profession centre or of the world profession centre in usa to make sure that was 2008 at the lehman brothers crisis so where you additionally believed that last quite a lengthy time and no the airlines have the yes they are exceptionally versatile and also very promptly the belt on the body organ as well as go back up really really rapidly as well as if that should be the case that in near future until the end of the year perhaps even already with any luck a.
vaccination possibility exists after that it will certainly really swiftly that next year we will be.
back to regular following year that I trust.I dare state we have today. the emphasis that we have
on the trip college therefore the possible end. of the leadership institution an important facet that i spoken with a captain. was, for instance, in the context of this 380 the situation.
we have the 380 quasi a component we are fantasizing regarding it they are even already.
in spain, so on the large car park among the 380 captains.
and also has actually currently obtained the tip that lufthansa no much longer obtains his.
permit due to the fact that they are no more think that the 380 will certainly not.
is not coming back at all excellent bad what can you can suggest to somebody who is.
Captain of the forest road in part consternated or claimed she.
can i spend for it myself currently I don'' t understand, to ensure that was crowning. the opposite side is a lot more or less the handbrake applied and lufthansa beyond.
beyond or the airline it won'' t be lufthansa alone so.
claim we are not investing now extra currently in you likewise accuses.
however it is a standoff circumstance.
you can stagnate ahead however also not back I don'' t think it ' s so. bad if the licence 380 permit in minute is not
kept that. makes of course in the aeroplane stands flies all the same not flying for the time being.
most likely not following year either this may not come with all.
easy over the lips as I suppress tears involve my eyes but it is not so poor.
not so poor sunlight sunlight sun trading you can reasonably promptly.
to life again so if lufthansa determines from today to tomorrow.
well, possibly they were a little also unfavorable there.
a little bit also downhearted we let we are still directed by the 14 380.
maybe one more 45 will also be six fly the licenses are rapidly.
resuscitated at the 340 sent that I don'' t assume they ' re supposed. to get them since they are practically the and also most cost-effective yes yes and also there one must.

the people accordingly.Schools of the fifty percent nothing one.
you require them someplace 900 you need however they need to be taken apart right now there are still.
settlements with the trade unions to locate a solution to stay clear of needing to.
not need to give up team will be challenging at the factor one has actually heard.
listened to that the pilots themselves provided have provided to quit part of their income.
of course you have lots of years seasoned virtually in this strike scenario.
that the pilots constantly desired more like did it feel like that to you for the.
initial time to hear that the pilots of I put on'' t recognize if they are clear.
not also for the first time I was the very first time in 1991 that yes.
that you mentioned that exactly same canister.
there have the pilots as well as likewise other personnel bodies not only pilots.
exactly how now is comparable i have constantly stated appearance at the contracts.
from 1991 to 93 kids there would certainly not have to be so much negotiation.
since every little thing is currently therein. what you can do.
however 900 you can'' t just go from overnight for another thing.
to make sure that'' s a number like can you manage that is there a.
fallback as well as a plan c that needs to be me since if the.
staff lay-offs come then there must be naturally the entire point has to be.
social strategy will be coordinated with the unions in concept.
it'' s ranking initially, youngest very first as well as youngest without household connections not.
wed so no youngsters so the final thought is.
from this would certainly be if you were a quasi-pilot at the lufthansa then you must really.
get wed very quickly and also have great deals of kids to make sure that at such a moment.
if there is such a cut yes quasi that the past you after that have fun simple tag the podcast today with.
professor jürgen raps former highest lufthansa pilot in some way he is co-founder of the.
worldwide aeronautics training course system technology and also monitoring the lst in.
bremen likewise remarkably of course in bremen it is better if you go here today.
and say I'' m ready to do something you everything to ensure that I either come to be a pilot or.
designer and also always have actually been my opinion that this is an advantage.
that'' s why we have this core curriculum developed in bremen that was, by the way.
in those years where the lufthansa where the closure was gone over and also we.
know back then that there was a need for a dual core curriculum.
as well as there is likewise a market for it I assume it is beneficial that one.
generally if it is somehow possible you can stand on two legs.
as well as I discover it excellent actually was with mine is 44 years as opposed to 2.
years, so 8 terms in place and also after that you can put a master.
ahead you can even do a doctorate if you.
you might also be able to obtain the to help someone quasi after that.
likewise with my thesis because you are always a person although increasingly more.
constantly with the students stays connected and kind of take a look at points.
Looks at things yes I do at the minute no a lot more talks but when.
I am come close to as corrector for a bachelor thesis or.
for a master'' s thesis then I stand of course I am readily available at any moment.
if the subject if my creative imagination fits there are topics to.
don'' t suit there and also it likewise makes fun.
ok so i can just advise it i would certainly do it generally so if.
I am currently doing a bachelor thesis about the pureness of the.
air in aeroplanes then you would certainly be with safety yet biologically the.
the most crucial inquiry on the all waiting at this point as well as the.
most tough or one of the most difficult to respond to is what do I do if.
I have a 16 17 years of age 18 years of age what do i do if i am this.
kid and also I'' m 17 and 18 now? as well as state I intend to be a pilot so severely.
what can you provide for a person like that in 2020 with all the history you have an as well as 40 expert years of 700 people you'' ve. educated on the 3 74 years picture is seemingly the supervisor as well as quasi.
constantly wanting to the future had to have.
what can you suggest to a person today a difficult inquiry as well as as well as i must.
truthfully state I put on'' t understand any appropriate solution to it as there is not of course or.
no if it is in some way possible and economically.
possible, I would certainly claim what to do on beginning examining the globe sees.
in 2 to 3 years quite various too study something or what was it.
certainly some kind of focus that must have a strategy b.
so I simply need to consider my very own young people.
i took the entrance test back then although I recognized that barely.
that the failure price would be is very high yet I would have been.
all my life if I hadn'' t had at the very least tried can.
stop working however if I had not not attempted first.
I would certainly have been frustrated due to the fact that intended to fly so severely god.
give thanks to god i got the entryway examination yet i had a plan b.
also had strategy c simply in case i still had applications going for.
other airline companies at the after that swissair the names but just swiss.
person they offered me a nice one letter so the subject was.
done so that indicates yes ought to possibly begin a technically.
oriented study perhaps start the channel beginning tightening up so if.
the if the if he desires he can reach to examine physics already medicine.
that is already a pound and after that you can constantly look better.
They all have more or less intriguing leisure activities and.
interests as well as I can just advise recommend to have strategy b.
basically in life as well as strategy b to might carry this rally.
testify also better to prepare since he you additionally need to prepare.
that you can just once and also if you drop with it.
That'' s it so that implies that this is.
an extremely important milestone indeed and also if the father has a fat checking account.
then it can be pilot training privately funded as well as additionally draw through.
till he comes to be a business pilot then he might later as a side entrant certainly.
make an income somewhere so these are opportunities that might be.
there would be, yet I would certainly have the account of being a daddy.
once again only with with up until commercial to industrial.
150000 have to choose currently lying around that said yes about two.
years for all february once more the sensation have or provided it is well spent are.
sweating maybe this aids with the factor to consider.
euro hold however as said fallback need to you have to have it you rejoice you are.
not to be 18 the potential customers they did not allow.
own interview on the subject but the coherence as well as this entire topic.
have progressed i thanks significantly for.
this set as well as expectation this most likely not so various so great.
goes after that goes has been fun like always with you thank you engine my vehicle my day can be.
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