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Politico denies Efforts to Address the Ticking U.S. Fiscal Time Bomb


You want to know why the nation has a national debt of $31 trillion and how politicians are not willing to address it. An interesting Politico story offers a useful guide.

While the press and the left (but I repeat myself) view catastrophic climate change as a certainty — a prism that makes leftists’ big-government solutions to the “climate crisis” plausible — it takes a far more skeptical tone toward conservative proposals for entitlement reform. In this vein, Natalie Allison’s story about conservatives supporting the “privatization” of Social Security and Medicare uses several tactics to marginalize lawmakers courageous enough to propose reforms that our country will need to remain solvent in future decades.

Conflating ‘Privatization’ with Any Reforms

The article uses the word “privatization” or some derivation thereof 21 times, while referencing the word “reform” but once. At no point does Allison ever define or describe, even in general terms, what she means when using the word “privatization,” or what the politicians who used it referred to.

To be able to discuss these ideas on merits or lack thereof, I would like to see the specific proposal or proposals that Allison refers to. Allison effectively uses the inexplicable by failing to give details.

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