Home News Doug Schoen, a pollster, says the Democrats’ Midterm Optimism Could Be ‘Misguided.

Doug Schoen, a pollster, says the Democrats’ Midterm Optimism Could Be ‘Misguided.


You have likely seen articles that claim the midterms are favorable for Democrats if you keep up with political news.

In the hope of having an influence on the elections, the liberal media is creating a narrative.

Doug Schoen is a pollster for Democrats and warns his party not to expect too much.

He writes for The Hill

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Why Democrats’ midterm optimism could be misguided

As Democrats voice growing confidence about their midterm election prospects, two trends suggest that the party’s newfound sense of optimism may be misguided.

Taken together, unrelenting inflation and the potential for a 2020-like polling error that overestimates Democrats’ strength could indicate that the Democratic Party is in a more fragile position than most in the media are currently acknowledging or appreciating. Earlier in the year, a red-wave midterm election — on par with 1994, when Republicans gained 54 U.S. House seats and flipped control of both houses of Congress — seemed almost inevitable.

But since mid-June, Democrats’ position has been strengthened by declining gas prices, the national backlash to Roe v. Wade being overturned and GOP candidate-quality issues…

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