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Women who have had an abortion suffer from ‘Trauma and grief.


Proponents of abortion do everything they can to silence any discussion about the ethics and morality of killing human life in the womb. However, Adam Fadel, a North Carolina clinical therapist, has provided an account that demonstrates the reality of the emotions many women experience after having an abortion. He describes grief and trauma.

Fadel recently wrote a column for The Fayetteville Observer in North Carolina about a anonymous patient he called Sarah. Sarah had previously had an unexpected teen pregnancy and subsequent abortion, but instead of feeling of empowered, as the pro-abortion camp promises, she was left with “trauma” and “complicated grief.” According to Fadel, Sarah feared rejection and judgment for sharing about the horrific experience she and her unborn child endured.

 “Sarah wasn’t a pro-life advocate or a religious person; she was a woman who made a choice, and that choice had been generating years of sadness, grief and suffering that she had never shared,” Fadel recounted.

Sarah was not Fadel’s only patient who told him about her experience with abortion. “Out of all of my patients, perhaps 20 have admitted to having an abortion,” Fadel wrote. “And for each of them, the abortion was a traumatic experience on…

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