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President Bans Gas Stoves


Over concerns that gas stoves release harmful pollutants to the health of people, the Biden Administration is looking at banning them.

Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. announced that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission will allow public comments this winter on the potential health hazards of gas stoves. This is as the agency tries to regulate kitchen appliances more effectively. Bloomberg News.

Trumka stated, “This is a hidden danger.” “Any option can be considered. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

Biden’s administration has made eliminating natural-gas use and “clean energy initiatives” a key priority. Last month, Biden’s Energy Department boasted that its plan to phase out federal buildings’ use of natural gas would save taxpayers millions, but a Washington Free Beacon Analysis revealed that the reverse was true.

Gas stoves often emit carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, which some scientists have linked to respiratory illnesses and other health concerns, but many researchers believe improved kitchen ventilation is a simpler solution than an outright ban.

Dr. Brett Singer is the leading scientist in the Indoor Environment Group at Berkeley National Laboratory. He explained that almost all gas burners produce significant amounts of nitrogen dioxide. This is a respiratory irritating agent. However, these pollutants can…

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