Home Politics President Trump draws HUGE crowds to Reno for inspirational MAGA rally

President Trump draws HUGE crowds to Reno for inspirational MAGA rally


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President Donald J. Trump drew massive crowds to Reno, Nevada on Sunday, as supporters lined up for hours outside the Sparks Convention Center, filling the venue and packing in close together for a chance to hear the 45th president speak on his 2024 Agenda47 policy items.

As is common with President Trump’s events, the crowd size was staggering, with social media videos online showing supporters lined up around the block and down the street to enter the venue.

Before hitting the Team Trump Commit to Caucus event, which also doubled as a signature Trump rally, the president event visited with supporters at the Trump International Las Vegas.

President Trump spent his time onstage talking to an energetic crowd, laying out his clear vision for America’s future by committing to simple and powerful policies that would quickly kick start the economy, secure American sovereignty, and eradicate global violence overseas.

During his comments, Trump laid out numerous policies. Here are some of the highlights that he committed to achieving:

  • Winning the Nevada caucus in February,
  • Implementing the “largest deportation operation” in American history to root out dangerous illegal migrants who have poured over the border,
  • Securing the southern…

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