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Pro-Abortion Groups Continue Spree of Terror on Churches and Pregnancy Centers; SCOTUS Says States Need to Do More to Protect Justices


Pro-Abortion Groups Continue Spree of Terror on Churches and Pregnancy Centers; SCOTUS Says States Need to Do More to Protect Justices
Threat against a pregnancy center (Courtesy of Next Step Pregnancy Services, Lynnwood, Wash.)

It’s been just over a week since the U.S. Supreme Court decided in a sweeping victory for the protection of the rights of the unborn that the 1973 landmark ruling Roe v. Wade was unconstitutional, reversing a rule that allowed for nearly 50 years a genocide against the unborn claiming more than 63 million human beings.

In this post-Roe America is emerging a scarier, angrier America. Furious pro-abortion protestors have burnt down churches and smashed up pregnancy centers in the wake of the court’s final decision delivered on June 24.

“Jane’s Revenge,” a militant, pro-abortion group, promised a “night of rage” should a judgement they didn’t agree with come down from the high court.  An “urgent memo” from the Department of Homeland Security was issued in May, warning churches of attacks.

The Hope Clinic for Women in Nashville, Tennessee, is the latest pro-life resource center to be vandalized.  On June 30, a Molotov cocktail was thrown through the window of the center early in the morning but did not ignite.

The Tennessean reported that “Police responded to a burglar alarm at the Hope Clinic for Women at 1:38 a.m. on Thursday, where they found that a Molotov cocktail had broken through a first-floor window, MNPD [Metro Nashville Police Department] said. The FBI is assisting the MNPD Specialized Investigations Division and Hazardous Devices Unit in the investigation.”

The message “Jane’s Revenge” was graffitied on the side of the building, according to police. A spokesperson from the Hope Clinic said the window was replaced. The scene was clear as of 11:30 a.m. Thursday. 

“The FBI is joining Metro Nashville Police Department Specialized Investigations Division detectives and Hazardous Devices Unit officers in the investigation of this morning’s attempted arson of the Hope Clinic for Women on Hayes Street, a pro-life resource center,” said the MNPD.

“Jane’s Revenge” has reportedly taken responsibility for the attempted arson, which Tennessee Governor Bill Lee called an act of “terrorism” to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

“Stand with us in supporting clinics like Hope Clinic who provide critical resources to Tennessee families,” Lee posted on Twitter. 

Kailey Cornett, the CEO of Hope Clinic for Women, spoke to Fox News Digital on Friday, stating  “we are grateful that there were no clients or staff in the building and no one was injured as a result of this incident.”

“Fortunately, the window has since been replaced and graffiti removed,” she said, adding “what we want you to know is that the Hope Clinic for Women remains open for our necessary services to women and families,” she said.

Earlier that same week, a deranged individual in Washington State was arrested for vandalizing a Catholic church in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue.

Maeve Jacqueline Nota, age 31, is seen on surveillance cameras smashing a door with a rock in front of a pastoral office at St. Louise Catholic Church, then throwing and kicking broken glass into the building.

A church employee was also struck by the rock thrown by Nota and then spray-painted in the face by the “crazed” individual. Anti-Catholic rhetoric was graffitied on the grounds of the church, according to the Bellevue Police Department. The spray-painted messages read “religion of hate,” “go to your fake hell,” “groomers,” “rapists,” “woman haters,” and labeled Catholics as “liars.”

The 31-year-old Nota has been arrested and charged with a hate crime and fourth-degree assault.

Journalist Jonathan Choe posted to Twitter that prosecutors were seeking $25K bail.

“CHURCH RAMPAGE UPDATE: Prosecutor’s officially charged 31 year old Maeve Jacqueline Nota with a hate crime and assault in 4th degree, after she allegedly trashed St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue. Prosecutors asked for $25K bail. Nota will be back in court later this month,” wrote Choe.


From Washington State to Virginia, the violence of pro-abortion groups has accelerated rapidly since the overturning of Roe. In May, Republican Governors Glenn Youngkin (Virginia) and Larry Hogan (Maryland) had called on the federal government to enforce federal laws that prohibit protesting at the homes of Supreme Court Justices.  

Demonstrators have been gathering at the homes of Justices Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and John Roberts since the draft opinion of the court’s decision on Roe was leaked in May.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is “monitoring” the situation and had “directed the U.S. Marshals Service to help ensure the Justices’ safety by providing additional support to the Marshal of the Supreme Court and Supreme Court Police,” stated Justice Department spokesman Anthony Coley in May.

Moreover, the Justice Department had declined a request from Governor Hogan to enforce federal statutes prohibiting protesting at the justices’ residences.

The debate over whether the protests are illegal has been divided along political lines since Roe was overruled, with Republicans denouncing them and Democrats encouraging them. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the protests should continue as long as they were peaceful.

“I know that there’s an outrage right now, I guess, about protests that have been peaceful to date — and we certainly continue to encourage that — outside of judges’ homes. And that’s the president’s position,” Psaki said at a May 10 press briefing.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is among the Republicans condemning the protests. In a letter to AG Garland, Grassley, the top Republican of the Senate Judiciary Committee, requested the department to “prioritize the protection” of the justices.

“The President may choose to characterize protests, riots, and incitements of violence as mere passion,” Grassley wrote. “But these attempts to influence and intimidate members of the federal judiciary are an affront to judicial independence. No fair-minded person can question that ‘such conduct inherently threatens the judicial process.’”

On July 2, U.S. Supreme Court Marshal Gail Curley addressed letters to lawmakers in Maryland and Virginia, requesting police more strictly enforce laws prohibiting picketing outside of justices’ homes.

In four separate letters to Maryland Governor Hogan, Democratic Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, Republican Virginia Governor Youngkin, and Democratic Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeffrey McKay, chief security officer Curley cited concerns of “threatening” protests escalating since May, when the early draft opinion of the court’s decision, suggesting a reversal of Roe v. Wade, was leaked to the public.

In a statement posted on Twitter on Saturday, the communications director for Governor Hogan said “the governor has directed Maryland State Police to further review enforcement options that respect the First Amendment and the Constitution.”

Since the Roe decision was announced, the “abortion rights” activists have said they were coming after the pro-life side, and they are determined to win. Yet it bears repeating that nowhere in the Constitution does it say a woman’s right to an abortion is protected, and for nearly 50 years, Americans have been living under a ruling that is frankly trash. The Supreme Court in 1973 seemed to draft into the decision a bunch of amendments where abortion could find a home. Today, the court has ruled correctly and responsibly and in accordance with the Constitution.

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