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well thank you and do you assume it'' s a toe trash system will drop at some point well we know from the history of approach that every democratic society faces the issue of dictators so this is not a new problem book 8 of Plato'' s Republic he says democracy will lead right away to tyranny because some leader will certainly come they'' ll claim they ' ll spread conspiracy theory concepts about people that are trying to overthrow the country and they'' ll state as well as they'' ll say that they'' re the strong'leader as well as they ' re gon na shield you after that they ' ll seize power as well as confiscate all the money that they can and the power as well as they ' ll hand some out to their supporters to reveal their fans that they ' re really on their side and after that they'' ll never ever provide power up and also this is the earliest trouble in political approach it goes back to publication 8 of Plato'' s Republic as well as Plato says you recognize the issue of freedom will always be the problem of authoritarians and also slave drivers and also and there'' s a simply a Plato simply lays out how tyrants function authoritarians spread fear they say individuals are out to get you as well as they represent themselves as safeguarding you so I assume it'' s wrong to believe that you understand to hope that this will certainly that the problem of autocrat of tyranny will go away the trouble of tyranny is the trouble of democracy our freedoms are constantly at risk of being taken control of by slave drivers who spread out worry and that seek ultimate power and also that will constantly be with us it'' s part of humanity to be worried it'' s component of humanity to to feel that you recognize if you'' re the dominant group it ' s part of human nature to feel that you need to be the dominant team therefore and also dictators will constantly attract that so because this problem is as old as go back to the beginning of political viewpoint itself I put on'' t think we can believe that a person day it will more than I assume we just have to believe this is what it means to reside in an autonomous society where individuals can vote as well as people are susceptible to fear as well as and as well as both are quickly flattered they'' re conveniently applauded so you tell them no you need to be the center of the nation you recognize in America Donald Trump essentially informs white Christians you must be the centerpiece and they'' re like indeed you ' re best whenever I see a black individual on television it takes away from me and they'' re attempting to take away from my centrality so I assume this there'' s a playbook as to exactly how slave drivers function as well as people are vulnerable to this and as well as so you understand III believe that I imply I assume that if we lived in varied cultures where individuals felt that their needs were taken care of by their government by the federal government and also they really felt that individuals different from them were their fellow residents and shared this society with them and valued them although they were various after that dictators wouldn'' t have the ability to spread out anxiety so easily however when we huh eventually we all reside in Paradise hopefully but up until then you understand I think what we'' ve learned is that you know you might never really feel risk-free in a democracy Plato cautioned us of this and publication 8 of the Republic a freedom is always sysout constantly susceptible as well as always will certainly be and so I believe perhaps going ahead if we can all those people who all stay in autonomous cultures as well as just recognize that democracy is something you have to deal with constantly that will certainly be a security discussing the minority teams as well as you recognize the anxiety that that is spread out by Terence can we discuss some like some news that are going today that I simply in enhancing of bigotry regarding current scenario U.S.A. is linking with politically inaccurate expressions according to this just how should politicians in the future speak in order to in order to tidy up detestation excellent so when for a long time guy I'' m uncertain I wear'' t believe that the USA there ' s been an increase in racism the United States has always had a remarkable quantity of racism yet well we'' ve had recently is we'' ve had a head of state who freely uses hate speech racist vocabulary so as well as and I assume when we analyzed what'' s going on we have to comprehend it'' s it ' s not that he raised bigotry it ' s that by making use of freely racist vocabulary by not talking in a civil means he brought in assistance he obtained individuals to elect him and I assume I believe it'' s it ' s made complex specifically to non-americans to explain how that worked I believe it worked like this every person was being racist in the means they chat they were simply not being openly racist they were just being racist they were hinting at it they were hinting at bigotry when Bill Clinton in the 1990s the head of state wed us President 1990 said were finishing well-being as we understand it that was hidden racist talk that was that was racist even though it wasn'' t because the word welfare obtains connected in white Americans minds with black individuals it was a so call it was a code name what we call a code name often called a dog whistle what Trump did is he was openly racist he claimed Mexicans you understand Mexicans are coming here they'' re rapists well that ' s not a code name that'' s extremely open you understand we'' ve been calling Muslims terrorists it ' s really harmful if if you have politicians calling individuals terrorists call ethnic teams terrorists I put on'' t know if you ' re accustomed to that in Turkey yet in the USA we have real politicians that call whole whole ethnic groups terrorists they'' ll state things like Muslims are terrorists well you recognize Muslims are entire group of individuals you know so so when you do that that'' s incredibly dangerous you'understand when when you ' re stating and also then they say oh no I simply suggested several of them are well a few of everybody is a terrorist so yeah that'' s that ' s that ' s you recognize when you have political leaders calling ethnic teams terrorists or wrongdoers you understand as well as in America like Mexicans are rapists or there ' s always this'ballot there ' s always this point where you link there ' s this action that tyrants make that demagogues make when they connect an ethnic group like black people or racial team black individuals Muslims they claim black individuals are wrongdoers Muslims are terrorists that sort of talk is exceptionally dangerous uh it it it connects the app despite the fact that the politician will then claim I just implied some right that'' s normal I didn'' t mean almost some cigars I simply indicated some Muslims or terrorists I didn'' t imply all black prior to criminal I simply meant some black people were criminal it'' s still it ' s the function of that talk is to link groups with terrible acts and when you connect groups with horrible acts you allow anything to be done to them after that individuals will avert when things are done to them therefore so we hadn'' t however we had in the USA we have a lengthy history of politicians talking about black people black American people as punks crooks we have a history because the very least given that 9/11 of discussing our Muslim residents as terrorists as well as this kind of talk has a dramatic effect on people'' s sight of whole groups it creates them to think about them as much less than human as well as it enables the government to do points to that team participants of that team they ought to not have the ability to do so what I would certainly choose is that we never allow politicians to speak that method to state things like black individuals are offenders or Jewish people are greedy or you recognize or Muslims are terrorists it permits people to think due to the fact that criminal terrorists do you want are those people actually citizens of your own are they fellow-countrymans as well as fellow humans no that type of talk suggests that they should be positioned someplace behind bars or something therefore and also as well as constantly which kind of talk always continues mass physical violence or state violence against participants of that group but I assume regrettably when since so lots of people were trafficking in in racist talk yet it was with code name like we'' re gon na hand welfare when when Donald Trump came and he simply and he claimed as well as he said the points he did Mexicans are rapists if people resemble oh he'' s really truthful and also authentic'he ' s a real authentic politician who is speaking his mind therefore so that brought in people to them so however I wish I hope eventually we'' re going to have a return to we ' re mosting likely to need to return to to a means of talking where people will we'' re citizens of autonomous societies will certainly be extremely opposed when there will be switched off when that when politicians state you know Muslims are terrorists or other sort of hate speech as well as it would be possible to develop words with us racism for example even while we were presenting ourselves we describe ourselves with the social identification with our ambience as well as I put on'' t recognize which are in community service so it would certainly be feasible to create work without racism or something like that ah I believe the problem is the issue is tyranny I assume there are several troubles but one issue is any type of anyone that wishes to be a slave driver need is going to utilize racism or something like it or homophobia hatred of gay people or or some approach to suggest that a minority team is threatening the majority as well as the majority requires a strong leader to take control and also protect them to ensure that is just that'' s just how tyranny works that ' s exactly how a dictator works so as long as you have individuals who desire'to be autocrats they ' re mosting likely to attempt to create some to concentrate on a minority group and after that develop fear regarding that minority group and represent themselves as the protector of the majority group so so you recognize therefore that'' s one issue one trouble is'tyranny it ' s unclear just how to be an authoritarian unless you have racism I indicate maybe you can there'' s bigotry there ' s spiritual discrimination which you understand like in the United States against Muslims which is a very severe issue in Israel once more in in in in every nation has has in India against Muslims so so clearly anti-semitism is an is Europe'' s old trouble so so I wouldn ' t claim it'' s so we have what we have is we have the problem of minority teams of caste say I imply in India the attacks on on Muslims are not truly I mean they'' re not really bigotry due to the fact that there are attacks on on Indians of the very same ethnic group who are simply of a different religion so I assume I mean I think race is so let'' s take two factors allowed ' s take racism which is a particular sort of of ranking of pecking order by race so you know Europeans feeling premium to Africans as a result of they conquered Africa and due to the fact that they colonized Africa and also had the slave labor and Exploited Africa they want to pretend that Africa didn'' t have an excellent people well before Europe fencing you know they wish to eliminate its history so the issue of race of white and black of Europe and Africa of Europe as well as Asia that'' s one issue and another trouble is simply the basic issue of majority minute teams in a culture and minority teams in that society so those are 2 various from related troubles I imply you recognize I'' m Jewish but you understand a Palestinian is a person that looks really similar to me you recognize Palestinians as well as as well as is Jewish there were a team of individuals living in a location a pair thousand years back and most of us look similar and you understand so often these majority minority stress are in between teams that have occupied the very same location and also look I can'' t inform if a person is a Turkish person is Kurdish or not I mean they all they you recognize you recognize that'' s not a race issue that ' s a you understand there have been Kurdish and also non Kurdish individuals in the Footrest Realm as well as before that Byzantium for a long time you recognize a salad iron was Curtis at the UH so so to make sure that trouble of bulk and minority groups I think will may constantly be with society it'' s something to do with just how we are society'' s the problem of the racial divide of black versus white I believe that'' s a more current thing it comes from the European emigration of Africa as well as as well as it'' s a certain instance of the more general trouble in in social prominence concept Felicia Pareto as well as Jim Sciences theory of social psychology they claim that all cultures need an out-group every society needs a minority group that that it strikes as the criminals and and I really hope that'' s not real but but it certainly is this structure that we see political approach discussing at all times and as long as we have authoritarians we have will certainly have people claiming that there'' s a minority team that is a threat as well as we require to safeguard ourselves from them

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