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Promi Big Brother vs. Sommerhaus feat. Donald Trump | Sommerloch | Season 2 | Lass Mal Reden

Promi Big Brother vs. Sommerhaus feat. Donald Trump | Sommerloch | Season 2 | Lass Mal Reden

* big bro * „ Andi, Christopher, it’s no time at all for sleeping.
* huge sibling * Another regulation offense and also you’ll be sent to Celebrity Big Brother.
* large bro * * Allow’s talk *.
* huge bro * * Allow’s talk * Welcome back to period 2 of allow’s talk. I think it’s so incredible that we do have periods. Do I. Every wonderful TV-Show does have periods. „ Hand on the heart” just had one season … * depressing face * Yeah …
„ Hand on the heart” just had one period … * unfortunate face * 2nd period. Is always better than the first one? It’s always far better. Every sequel is far better than the initial component. We’re like the most remarkable sequels, like ‚ Aliens, ‚ Dumb as well as Dumber 2. Aliens was good. Yeah, but not Foolish as well as Dumber 2. * chuckles * Still, it’s wonderful to have you back.Well, we were not gone for that lengthy. Yeah- Nah. I was in a dripstone cavern for the entire time. * giggles * Ha! Yeah, I can see that. Yeah, well, Andi did lock himself up in the basement the last couple of weeks. And also was thinking about subjects, which might be fascinating in the future. Brainstorming. I did technique before the mirror. I did have a tiny doll … * giggles * A small doll. Don’t state it like that. Fucking harassment at job. Right in the initial episode. Fucking harassment, guy. I told you, we’re not doing it similar to this. Seriously, the last episode was shitty as well as it’s starting exactly the exact same fucking means. It’s not going well. Seriously, the last episode was shitty as well as it’s beginning specifically the very same fucking method. I am pleased to be back, but there was something going on the previous 2 weeks? Yeah. I am happy to be back, however there was something going on the past 2 weeks? And I believe we should do a little recap.And I think

we ought to present a brand-new word periodically. And also I think we need to do a little wrap-up. As well as I believe we should present a new word from time to time. * mash up * As well as, listen, I’m gon na state it in young people vernacular: This is a so called ‚ catching up’ episode. We did ask you on Instagram and also on our Patreon page. I’m sweating incidentally. If you can see it, that’s alright. What did you find intriguing, or relocating in the last 2 weeks? What did move you? The bus or the plane? * giggles * I was in a dripstone cave the entire time. Yeah. There resemble 4 main topics, we gon na chat regarding today. Of all, we gon na travel across the Atlantic.Do you like that? Across the Atlantic to the United States of America? Nah, I do not like that. We gon na speak about Mr. Donald Trump as well as individuals freaking out reason of the occasions in Charlottesville. Oh, yeah. We gon na discuss Mr. Donald Trump and individuals going crazy root cause of the events in Charlottesville. Neo-Nazi march. How might you not recognize before voting the following head of state that he is a total idiot?! No! You couldn’t recognize that. I believed that was specifically the reason why he’s been voted to be the following president.Right. With pitchforks and also torches of hay. Ah, you know what I indicate. They’re currently

marking time with that said in the US. Amazing! However now, seriously. This is really not funny in any way. I simply can not take it serious. Essentially, it’s such an apology … Incredible. I do not recognize what’s more funny. Individuals assuming that their head of state is protecting some Nazi’s or individuals saying: „ We didn’t recognize that” What’s even more stupid.Yeah. Um, I do not obtain it in some way. It’s so rad. Individuals are unable to manage the problem freely.

Claiming they’re from the severe right-wing Huh? As well as I do dissociate myself. I suggest, we’re joking around now, however what’s going on in North-Korea is just … Primarily, it’s so terrifying that this individual does not have a clue! He’s the head of state and also the globe’s most powerful man. Wait. Fire and Fury. Or what did he claim? Yeah. On both sides. Yeah, it was … Aright, people … For genuine. I would love to do some major talk now. Yeah. May I? Yeah. Authorized. Are you allowing to send a severe message on allow’s talk? I believe it’s time to present a brand-new classification. Season 2: Major talk- no kidding. This goes out to all the youngsters available: On YouTube there are many amusing people doing some funny stuff.You do not need to take us as well severe too. Seriously, when you’re young as well as still able to change the world … * Dispose Trump -Ballot Kohn- Seriously, such a vital message * I actually do believe that love is the right method. * Unload Trump- Vote Kohn -Seriously, such an essential message * I actually do believe that love is the right method. Certainly not despise. Not right-wing radicalism. As well as most significantly not violence.
Really good. Since we obtained this straight, let’s start speaking bullshit once again. * chuckles * Currently we gon na travel back from the Atlantic … Wow, A+ for these organizing high qualities. No, I did attend a workshop. * chuckles *. No, I did attend a workshop. A workshop? Who was your advisor at that time?

Aaron Troschke? Nah. Oh, Aaron Troschke * chuckles * Shall we begin speaking about Large Sibling immediately? * chuckles * Shall we start talking regarding Large Bro today? Yeah, sure, let’s talk about Big Brother. Currently, that was a fluent transition, my good friend. Yeah, but you have to create the connections first.You do state Aaron Troschke and also i quickly
do recognize that you’re talking about Big Brother. Everyone else does not have a fucking hint who that is and also … Did you simply say that our audiences are dumb? Everybody else. Not simply our viewers.

* giggles * Yeah, Large Bro, man. i did miss out on a little bit. The TV reception wasn’t the very best because dripstone cave. What’s incorrect? Did I spew at you? No, I’m sweating. Did I spew at you? Ah, you’re sweating? You can’t see that. You can not? ' reason I’m beaut. Yeah, Big Sibling. I did miss out on a bit, reason I had not been able to get Sat.1 because dripstone cave.Yet, I do think I really did not miss out on excessive. I mean, I truly do like enjoying things like that. And also I believe '… Star Big Brother. Does the word celeb in fact stand in brackets? Yeah, well, you could place it in brackets, yet you do not have to. * laughs *. Yeah, well, you can put it in braces, but you don’t have to. I believe it’s rad that there are many prospects that you in fact do not understand. This is unbelievable. Particularly all the hookers. I need to admit that they do appear like hookers. Yeah, yeah. I assume it is just one of the Bachelor prospects, that’s been sent out home in the preliminary. Oh, then I’m gon na take it back.Exactly. Oh, after that I’m gon na take it back. I’m just asking myself. What did happen to the various other 40 prospects. Didn’t they intend to go to the tryout or what? No, seriously. We do not want this to get out of control. simply a ' lil catch

up. But it’s exceptionally negative. Negative manuscript. They wan na enter into a specific instructions … What are they called once more? Jochen as well as Jochen. That’s actually their name? They do have the very same name. That’s the funny component. Haha. ' Yeah … Haha. You can claim foolish and also dumber. Yeah, precisely. Um, bad holding. Yeah, precisely. Um, poor hosting. And I in fact did quit taking note of it when they were playing that specific video game. Willi Herren and the one who’s permanently lost did play a video game where they had gambling enterprise chips depending on front of them as well as they were like: „ Alright, we gon na play 3 rounds currently, yet in the end it is very important who did win 3 times. “Bad explanation of the game.You have to set your gambling establishment chips. The one who does have even more chips success. The one who does have much less chips looses. Blablabla. It was … Blablabla. I did become so aggressive. Yeah, it was a debacle. It was a fiasco at it’s finest.

Great old Knappik with her greatest hits. Clearly among her best hits is: * some whiny vocal singing efficiency * What’s wrong with you, dude? I’m still thinking of that video game. Just how can you be so dumb? People … Wait a sec, you’re sweating.Thank you. Wait a sec, you’re sweating. I’m sweating. Thank you. * groans *. I’m sweating. Thanks. Men, Willi Herren. He did earn a great deal of money. He shed everything. He come to be rich once more, lost all of the money once again and is now trying to get it back … I indicate, what sort of individuals are being shown on television? I suggest, obviously you’re anxious
. Obviously, it’s alright to make mistakes. Obviously, you can ask the very same question like 5 times … Specifically when it has been described the very best possible way like Jochen did … , the policies of the game. Yet if you did complete the game and also still do not know the regulations, I just don’t understand … It does make me hostile! I believe we need to settle on chatting concerning muscular tissue Jochen as well as … Skinny Jochen. * laughs * Sarah Knappik. What is her new adage? I do not know.Something something. She does yell something. Let’s begin with her last name. She does articulate it inaccurately. I always thought, from the get go of being a follower of her that it’s written with a ' G ' at the end- like kinG. See, in his notes … What’s your name again? Peter. In Peter’s notes- he likewise did write her

name inaccurately with a G at the end. Some individuals do pronounce it the incorrect means. There is simply no other method in the German language … Speaking regarding conservative radicalism … There is no method to articulate the letter K like you would certainly pronounce a G.But she does articulate her name improperly. Yeah, that’s rad. I don’t obtain it. Yet I think you would have the ability to do an additional job rather well also. * chuckles * * rama dama dam dam * Just the means you did speak about it … * laughs * Kudos, kudos. Thank you! You rate. My individual highlight was when Benjamin Boyce really did not desire to put in that cheek retractor.

That’s underneath his dignity. Shall we … And the factor was … Willi Herren, resting there in a princess gown … He was like: „ This is beneath my dignity I’m not gon na place this thing into my mouth” And Willi resembled:- Spruced up as a princess. „ I absolutely understand that. I entirely do.” * laughs *. „ I entirely understand that. I entirely do.” Shall we tell him … I indicate, you’re not able to interact simply now, yet shall we inform him that he did mix up 2 individuals from Caught in the Act or not? Benjamin Boyce? He’s not in the container? He remained in ' I’m a star … Get my outta here’. Oh, okay. He remained in ' I’m a celebrity … Obtain my outta right here’. And that is a prospect for Celebrity Big Sibling? I dunno.Eloy De Jong. Are we currently performed with discussing Large Bro? He wasn’t also in, man. Or shall we discuss the protuberance face? The one who’s constantly wasted? The squandered one. Oh, she did have something 'in the last episode I did view … Am I sweating once more? * laughs * Ha '! Like in Austin Powers: „ Wart” „ Waaart “That is she? What did she do? Humpin ‘Last thing I do bear in mind

was when she was like:. Humpin’ Last point I do keep in mind was when she resembled: „ I just did some humpin’ and additionally on the initial day” „ Someone did ask me where to place the baggage and I was like: „ In the bed room” She likewise did have a buddy that constantly did travel in service course, trigger women are so much hotter.He did fly in service class. And also what did she do with that guy? He … He did fuck her so damn difficult! Do you know what I do like concerning her? Absolutely nothing. I have to admit … If you want to slow down your orgsasm … You simply have to look at her. * giggles * You just take a look at her and afterwards whatever’s penalty. Yeah. Speaking about all those losers … We also have to point out the summer house of stars. Or exactly how I do call it: A new episode of allow’s talk.

* chuckles *. A brand-new episode of let’s talk. There are so many unattractive individuals. I don’t know a solitary spirit. Nico Schwanz with his bitch. * laughs * That’s one of the largest cunt’s I’ve ever seen on TV. Do I need to beep this? No, out this network, right? Do I need to beep this? No, not on this network? I do not fucking care.She’s such a bitch, man. Nico Schwanz with his cunt … Great word play, my boy. Yeah, such an unattractive woman. She does look fine, you would certainly fuck her if you ‘d be lost … I ‘d fuck every female if I’m lost. I didn’t want to claim it by doing this … That’s the way we got to recognize each other. Helene Fürst, do you still know her? Was she the one with the dread secure the forest camp? Ah, she’s so damn warm, man. Now she has actually discovered a coordinating component. I truly do hope he does fuck her real good. His name is Ernesto Monte.

And whatever he does say is sex-related. You can have a typical conversation with me … He would certainly include fucking to any type of word. Ohh, I’m sweating so bad.Yeah, trigger you’re assuming about Ernesto. You gettin’ horny? Yeah, of course. Is it rigid? Yeah, naturally. It’s tight. Is it stiff? Yeah, obviously. * giggles *. It’s tight. No, seriously. Ernesto is simply discussing sex. Funny in a particular method. He’s kinda amusing. Pay attention, if you’re … Listen … * some rap performance * Listen, you have to offer me a nice blow work to make it better. Initial quote. Original quote by Ernesto. * giggles *. Initial quote by Ernesto. Yeah. Slammin’ The television format. What is it concerning? It’s simply

about existing, they do kick themselves out mutually as well as the one who does remain the lengthiest wins. And the winner is enabled to go back to Germany as well as everybody else has to remain there? I do hope it’s the purpose. And the champion is allowed to go back to Germany as well as everyone else has to stay there? No, regrettably not. Argh. No, however not. Yet some video games are kinda fun. We might … Swipe them. Copy them, yes. I simply saw that I drew an arrowhead from cunt describing the girlfriend of Nico Schwanz indicating Julia Siegel. * Laughs * Wow. Is this being held? Could we audition for that task? Celebrity Big Brother does not want us. They did select skinny Jochen and also muscle Jochen. Yeah. We might do that as well. What? Skinny Chris and muscle Andi. * chuckles * I am slim. * snaps * I believe we did chat sufficient about top quality layouts. Now we gon na speak about the biggest trash on TV I did view the last number of weeks. Track and area. * giggles *. Track and also area. No, seriously. Track and also area is just amazing. I was just enjoying ARD and ZDF. #sponsoredby * irony on * , I did see track as well as field the entire day. Seriously, best point worldwide is: Resting on the squab, eating french fries as well as watching various other individuals doing sports.I likewise did watch track and field world championship. I was just around to ask you. Did you? I was simply around to ask you. I did. Who did you such as? I did. That did you such as? Names. I desire names. Names. … I desire names. Names. Justin Gatlin. Yeah. He was simply amazing. Is that his real name? Yeah. You don’t recognize. You’re being obstructed for your whole life, reason for doping complaints. And afterwards you’re crown witness for your coach. Your punishment will be cut in half to only being blocked for half of your life.

And also instantly? You’re litigating, appealing the reasoning and also you wind up getting 2 years.And what does occur after that? You’re defeating Usain Screw in his last 100m run. Exactly. I did feel kinda bad for Usain Bolt. Do you think he doped a whole lot in his profession? Yeah. I indicate, currently it was evident that they would certainly capture him, but … He really did not do it this moment. I mean, he is a quick man. In Berlin you’ll locate the college of his sibling. Hum Screw. * actually with a D at the end * Yeah, great for you.No, it’s enjoyable seeing this. Entirely. Next year it’s in Berlin. I think European Champion. Shall we go? Why not.

Attending or just viewing? Attending. Participating in -Decathlon. * laughs *. Deca … I indicate, we’re good at all 10 disciplines. Yeah, for actual. Specifically. Yeah, genuine. However I simply need to be efficient 5 self-controls. Certain, that’ll do. Oh, all right. Thanks for the gage. Yeah, you do not require even more than 5 disciplines in order to end up being initially. Well, really i wanted you to do the various other 5 self-controls. Oh, let’s do this. Hereby, we do look for taking component in the European Championship in track in field in 2018 below in Berlin. We would certainly divide the 10 techniques. Let’s gush out a fast fact. We really did not truly speak about sex lately. Egg rumor. * laughs * Yeah, egg detraction. * giggles * I assume it’s a genuine scandal. I am so deep into this. Am I, so am I. It’s not excellent. You shouldn’t do that.No. You should not do that. I believe it’s such a mess. Them up there. United States down here. Nah! Eieieieieie. * chuckles * It did take place a whole lot in the last number of weeks. … Or not. But we simply intended to capture up with you. Would you such as to inform what you’ve been doing the past 2 weeks? No? Such a pity. Please proceed and also inform something about our Patreon web page instead. Did you like the video? Please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, register for our network and if you ‘d also like to sustain us, please look into our Patreon page. Cause we do have some fantastic material prepared in season 2. The children are back around. My dear little friend. Um, please support us on Patreon. Go examine it out it’s rather cool and we likewise do upload some perk attributes which are not available on YouTube for our beloved clients. Examine it out, sustain us as well as end up being the happiest individual. That was the extremely initial episode from period 2 of … Allow’s talk. Stick with us, think of us and also with a laugh we do say farewell. See you next time. And radiate on. * familiar- beam on- audio * We did chat regarding many things occurring on the planet during the past 2 weeks

. * familiar- beam on -audio * * whiny voice *. We did chat about numerous things occurring on the planet throughout the previous 2 weeks. I’m not speaking about Trump, I’m speaking about the summertime house. * whiny voice * I’m not speaking about Trump, I’m talking regarding the summer house. What did you in fact do the past 2 weeks? Um, I did- dripstone cavern. C’mon. Seriously. I opted for a’ lil swim. A’ lil swim? Yeah, Aquaman. A little of swimming, sun tanning and also eating some scrumptious food.Did you miss me? I did miss you. I’m enjoying … once again. Lastly, it’s fun again. The episode is kinda fun for the very first time in a long period
. However it is … Well, we were not gone that long.
2 weeks is not that long. In prep work for the episode … There was not occurring a whole lot lately. Just like you did call the Bachelorette:
It’s the summer slump. #honestly. I assume we would not do more of a bad organizing work than what’s going on right now. Nah! Well, at least the web show. Oh, the internet show is wack.I actually did miss you a little bit. Just a little. Thanks for informing me once more. Yeah, a little. Thanks for telling me again. Shall I say significantly? Yeah, specifically. I did celebration hard vacationing. I had a great deal of enjoyable. Male, this was trendy. See you following time and also … * clicks with the tongue * Radiate on.