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Protesters, Funny Teleprompter and ‘Please Clap’ Moments – RedState


I reported Wednesday on how the National Christmas Tree toppled over in a high wind.

Many found it a great metaphor for Joe Biden and his administration — Biden the guy who is always falling over. Fortunately they were able to right the tree after the wind gust was over, and let’s hope that metaphor holds true too — that we can right the country after the gust of Biden no longer occupies the White House. 

Thursday night was the time for the lighting of the 40-foot spruce from West Virginia, the 101st year of the tradition. Joe Biden and his wife Jill were in attendance, as was Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff. 

Biden reached the podium and immediately started counting down to the tree lights going, without giving the host time to say anything or even saying something himself. 

Then there were a couple of funny moments. Now, you may have heard of the giant teleprompter that Biden has to have everywhere he goes that has such huge words so he can see them. Even with that, he often has trouble with reading the script and getting things straight. 

This time you could see the words, shown…

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