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Push To Disenfranchise Parents In Ohio Riddled With Deception


Activists in Ohio filed more than 700,000 signatures on Wednesday in an attempt to add a proposed constitutional amendment enshrining several anti-parent policies into law to the November ballot.

The ballot language, penned by the ACLU and promoted by nearly a dozen pro-abortion and LGBT groups, claims that “every individual has a right” to ending life in the womb and other “reproductive decisions” regardless of age or trimester.

Those keen on bringing abortion through birth into the state and removing parental consent laws for minors seeking irreversible gender experiments celebrated the hundreds of thousands of signatures as a win for their agenda.

The means by which those signatures were obtained, however, were not fully above board.

Roughly 413,000 of the signatures collected must be deemed valid by state officials but footage shows petitioners knowingly soliciting endorsement from bystanders who are not qualified to sign a petition in Ohio.

“She did say she wasn’t registered to vote in Ohio,” a man…

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