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Week 38 of Putin’s War. The Lines Clarify and Everyone Is Getting Ready for the Next Phase – RedState


This is Day 267 of Vladimir Putin’s glorious blitz on Kiev. Somewhere, the parade uniforms are packed away and ready for immediate use.

There has been little activity since the last update (Putin’s War, Week 37. Kherson is liberated and Winter comes. The weather is changing from rain to snow. Temperatures are gradually dropping and the soggy morass will soon follow. rasputitsa will freeze and maneuver to the side with the discipline and ability to move away and fight will be possible.

The Politico-Strategic level

G20 Meeting

G20, also known as the G19 plus Russia, met in Bali for its 2022 session. Vladimir Putin didn’t attend, but he sent Sergey Lavrov as his squeegee. This is a critical event in the political history of Putin’s War in Ukraine. Putin decided to stay at home, rather than confront his contemporaries and watch a televised speech of Volodymyr Zilensky. It was probably the right decision. The G20, a forum where Russia does not have a veto, demanded a “full, unconditional Russian withdrawal from the territory of Ukraine.”

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