Home Politics ¿Que hará Ana Navarro si gana Donald Trump?

¿Que hará Ana Navarro si gana Donald Trump?


What will Ana Navarro be doing if Donald Trump wins on November 8th, 2017? If Donald Trump wins, to begin with, I'' ll have to seek expatriation for the 2nd time in my life. I don'' t understand where I'' ll go I believe I ' ve already been supplied asylum in Israel, maybe that is a posibility. Donald Trump’s victory will bring about some very difficult times for this country. This is due to the fact Donald Trump has infected division, hostility, and bigotry with the nationwide unsupported claims, which are the nationwide discussions. He would not be able to join this country, I believe. It will be a major and extremely difficult obstacle for Hillary Clinton, or any other person elected.

The United States is very divided. We are a country with opposing views. It will be difficult for any leader. But it may be the most challenging. There are many issues that affect the framework, immigration and nationwide protection. ISIS, Syria, and twenty other points. You can see that the United States is currently divided on a broad range of issues.

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