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You will find a wide range of essays on this week’s blog. They range from a tribute for American novelist Peter Straub to a passionate defense of truth-seeking in history. Barbara Kay has written an essay touchingly about the young Queen Elizabeth. There is also an editorial that was co-signed by all. Quillette Editors in support of Ukraine

A few weeks ago, we published an article by Max Wilson (a young record collector) about a Wisconsin prison group. Upheaval.

Upheaval The record was a huge success and would be one of the most sought-after 45rpms in history. Max wrote his article to tell the amazing story of the band, despite their prized record. Quillette.

Max recently visited the last survivor Upheaval, Joe Hayes. Joe doesn't use the internet so Max printed the essay for him.  

Quillette Weekly
Joe Hayes Upheaval. Max Wilson, Photo

If you missed Max's article when it was published, you can read it here. I can promise that you won't be disappointed:

The Lost Soul Behind Bars
Upheaval is a prison band which recorded one of the best-selling soul singles in the 1970s.
Quillette Weekly

Until next week,


Peter Straub, 1943–2022
Goodbye to one of the Big Six authors from the Golden Age American horror fiction.
Quillette Weekly


Future Scientists in Math Need Statistics, Not Calculus
Ending calculus requirements for science majors is a good idea.
Quillette Weekly

Activism vs Academia

Child Welfare is a Joke
This field is suffused with jargon and risible theories, and increasingly disconnected from the welfare of children.
Quillette Weekly
Never apologize for trying to tell the truth
Historical figures are not those who suppress inconvenient facts or fabricate evidence to support a politically convenient story.
Quillette Weekly


The Young Elizabeth, Seen Through a Child’s Eyes
The diaries of Elizabeth’s wartime companion illustrates the special burdens faced by royalty—and Elizabeth’s fitness to bear them
Quillette Weekly


Lessons from Hannah Arendt on Arresting Our ‘Flight From Reality’
Fascism or communism can lure you into believing that the real human condition is not possible with ideologies.
Quillette Weekly
Horseshoe Theory comes to Ukraine
Putin’s Western apologists don’t reflect the usual conflict between Left and Right—but rather comprise an example of both poles making common cause against the center.
Quillette Weekly

From Around the Web

The Man Who Saw America
Olivier Zunz offers a new portrait of America’s most famous French critic, Alexis de Tocqueville.
Quillette Weekly

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