Home News Rachel Maddow explains why The Biden Classified Papers Are A Dud

Rachel Maddow explains why The Biden Classified Papers Are A Dud


Rachel Maddow demonstrated why the Biden story was nothing by contrasting how Trump and Trump handled the news about the classified documents found in their offices.

Video of Maddow

Maddow stated:

There was, as I stated, a brief excitement tonight about this process after the Penn Biden Center announcement. The reason it was only a brief flurry of excitement is because, in president Biden’s case, he and his lawyers appear to have actually done the right thing when it comes to these classified documents. Biden’s lawyers say, they discovered these documents among his vice presidential papers on November 2nd. The White House Counsel’s office notified the National Archives that same day about what had been found. The National Archives apparently didn’t know that these documents were missing, and was not seeking their return.

That material was taken into custody by the archives the next morning. This appears to have been it. Merrick Garland, attorney general, has asked one last Trump-appointed U.S. Although the discovery of these documents at Penn Biden Center was requested by Merrick Garland, Attorney General, it doesn’t sound adversarial. According to the White House, it cooperates fully with both the National Archives and Department of Justice in…

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