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Rachel Maddow Uncovers George Santos’s Biggest Lies Yet That He Was the Target Of An Assassination Attempt


Rachel Maddow obtained exclusive footage of Rep. George Santos who claims he was assassinated.


Maddow stated:

It is something I would like you to see. This interview features George Santos, the then-congressman-elect, speaking in Portuguese with the host. We have subtitles. He starts off talking about an alleged act of vandalism, which he says was targeted at him simply because he’s a Republican. In the middle of all that, he mentions that someone tried to kill him.

My life has been threatened by an assassination attempt. It was assassination. The claim by George Santos, the then-congressman elect, was not further elaborated in the interview.

Here’s the screenshot, with the English subtitle.

George Santos claims that he was the victim of an assassination attempt.

Kevin McCarthy believes Eric Swalwell is unfit to serve as a member of committees. But he gave George Santos two assignment on the committee.

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It is fun to laugh at Santos’s outrageous lies, and late-night comedians are having a field day with him, but George Santos is a pathological liar who should not be in any position of power….

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