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Rapper says AI-generated interview was used to ‘slander’ him


A rapper and entrepreneur said that a competitor procured an interview with him that was generated by artificial intelligence and committed “slander” and “defamation” against him.

Gilbert Milam Jr., aka Berner, is a rapper and a cannabis entrepreneur whose company Cookies was valued at $500 million by Forbes in 2020. The has brand opened multiple dispensaries and clothing outlets across the United States.

The artist faced lawsuits in 2023 that accused him of a litany of bad business practices, the Los Angeles Times reported. These lawsuits were the basis of the alleged AI-generated interview with the rapper.

Business website Benzinga published an article on November 12, 2023, that detailed a supposed print interview between Berner and author David Daxsen.

According to an archived version of the story, questions to Berner were posed as being direct from the author to the rapper.

The most damaging alleged questions included “concerns about a potential link between cannabis and children.”

After that, the author alleged that he asked the rapper about “allegations regarding [his] involvement in human trafficking and sexual exploitation, as well as derogatory comments in YouTube interviews.”

After Milam Jr. himself declared the interview to be “not real,” reporter Grant Smith Ellis asked if any of the article’s quotes…

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