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Rashida Tlaib’s response to Hamas attack: Letters


The Issue: Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s continued display of a Palestinian flag after the Hamas attack on Israel.

Large numbers of individuals in our country are condoning the ­indescribable, barbaric slaughter of Israeli citizens by Hamas (“Their evil views in plain sight,” Douglas Murray, Oct. 13).

The killing and mutilation of women and children, including infants, is no deterrent to the celebrants.

That those murdered, and apparently some of those taken as hostages, include American citizens is also of no concern to these supporters of terrorists.

It should also be noted that Rep. Rashida Tlaib proudly displays a Palestinian flag in front of her Capitol building office.

It is unfathomable that even students at many universities, including Harvard, Columbia, NYU, et al., have enthusiastically supported the killers. Hopefully, potential donors to such institutions will remember this.

Jerry Schatz

Germantown, Tenn.

Anyone who lives in America can’t be critical of Israelis. Americans live in an occupied nation, too. The native Americans never got their land back.

These Squad members, Reps. Tlaib, Cori Bush and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as well as Sen. Bernie Sanders, are total hypocrites.

Edward Drossman


Tlaib is a member of The Squad….

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