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Rebalancing the Gender Narrative


Review of The Problem with Modern Men: Why is the Modern Male Struggling? What Can You Do? Richard V. Reeves. 256 pages. Brookings Institution Press (September 2022).

Writing a book is hard enough, but the Brookings Institution’s Richard Reeves had to deal with people discouraging him before he even embarked on his latest project. “I have lost count of the number of people who advised against it,” he writes in the preface to For Boys and Men “In the current political climate, highlighting the problems of boys and men is seen as a perilous undertaking.” Thankfully, Reeves didn’t heed their advice. Reeves argues in less than 200 words that modern life is difficult for boys and men and that politicians are failing to address the crisis.

His book’s statistics are still frustratingly inaccessible to the public. The gender gap in college degrees is wider today than it was in the 1970s, but in favor of women; 20 percent of fathers live apart from their children; men comprise three-quarters of “deaths of despair” from suicide or overdose; the weekly wage of an average American man with a high school degree is 14 percent Lower It is more common today than in 1979. These problems are not due to…

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