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Release the Litigation Kraken! Rudy Giuliani Gets Chewed up by Judge in Defamation Suit – RedState


It wasn’t long ago that Michael Avenatti and Rudy Giuliani were living large in New York City. For a precious few months, Avenatti was like cigarette butts, he was everywhere – making appearances on multiple cable stations on the same day claiming he had the goods on Trump. What he wasn’t doing was making an honest living. Soon, as they say, the walls caved in. Avenatti is no longer living large, he’s living in a tiny cell with numbers on his government-issued shirt, serving a long prison term for trying to extort money from Nike. And he will stay in prison. The 2nd District just opined that his appeal was frivolous. The panel called it “meritless.” 

At the same time that Avenatti was filing a frivolous appeal, “America’s Mayor,” Rudy Giuliani, was defending and mostly ignoring a defamation case brought by a couple of Georgia election workers. Discovery is the pretrial method of gathering information and facts. Giuliani was sued by a mother and daughter who were working as election officials in Georgia. 

Photos and videos were circulated by Giuliani, Trump, and others who reportedly claimed the pair of workers were hiding ballots. None of that was validated. For instance, one of the accusations was that the mother and daughter were sharing a “thumb drive.” It was a box of Tic-Tacs….

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