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Removing Liars From Office Means Biden Should Be Gone By Now


Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives made a big show last week out of kicking George Santos from Congress over his two federal indictments and for fabricating stories about his personal and professional background.

The decision marks the sixth time the House voted to expel a lawmaker and the first time its target was an elected Republican.

If Congress’s new standard is to oust every politician Americans believed was guilty of lying, the legislative body wouldn’t exist. Plenty of politicians, like Democrats Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Bob Menendez, and Rashida Tlaib, have been at the center of ethics scandals and alleged criminality that would make the Founding Fathers blush. Yet they’ve continued in Congress with mere censure or the loss of committee roles.

No one is more deserving of the Santos treatment than President Joe Biden, who spent the last 50 years in politics lying through his teeth about his past, his educationa naval academy appointment, his late son, his grandkids, the circumstances that killed his first wife, desegregation, the state of our union, and even plagiarized.

Biden’s long history of making up stories to boost his image isn’t the only or most important reason he deserves to be removed from office. For…

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