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Rep. Steube reveals injuries sustained in fall


Florida Republican Rep. Greg Steube, who fell 25 feet to his death last week, has said that he is currently recovering from injuries such as a fractured pelvis and punctured lung.

“I’m blessed to have Jennifer, my wife, and many friends. Even the Steube dogs! Monday tweet The lawmaker’s Twitter account @RepGregSteube noted. “Grateful for everyone’s prayers and well-wishes as I recover from a fractured pelvis, a punctured lung, and several torn ligaments in my neck.”

Photo of congressman showing him on a couch and two dogs on his lap.

According to a report, Steube fell about 25 feet from a ladder as he was cutting tree limbs on the Sarasota property. tweet From last week. Another source claims that the lawmaker left the hospital on Saturday. tweet.

“While I’ll be in Sarasota a while, I’m still able to help my family.

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