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REPORT: Biden Judicial Nominee Sits on Board of Group With Ties to Terrorists and Cop Killers | The Gateway Pundit


Adeel Abdullah Mangi is a Biden judicial nominee to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

He sits on the board of a group with direct ties to cop killers and domestic terrorists. Is the Biden administration just trolling America at this point? Is this person really fit to be a judiciary nominee?

There is a direct connection from this man to the Weather Underground. Did Obama make this recommendation?

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

‘Historic’ Biden Judicial Nominee Sits on Board of Group Founded by Cop-Killing Domestic Terrorist

President Joe Biden’s latest judicial nominee, whom the White House is hailing as “historic” due to his Muslim faith, serves on the advisory board of a left-wing group with extensive ties to convicted cop killers, the Washington Free Beacon has found.

Adeel Abdullah Mangi, whom Biden tapped to serve on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, is an advisory board member of Alliance of Families for Justice. The organization, which works to end “mass incarceration,” was formed in 2016 with Weather Underground member Kathy Boudin as a founding director. Boudin pleaded guilty to the murder of two police officers and a security guard during an armored truck robbery in 1981. The FBI named Weather Underground a domestic terrorist organization following a string of bombings…

More information can be found here

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