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Reporter Tells KJP She Should Be ‘Ashamed’ for Ducking Questions – RedState


We’ve written dozens and dozens of stories about White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre because she’s irritable, evades any questions she doesn’t like, and is just generally incompetent at her job. Few besides Fox News’ Peter Doocy and Today News Africa’s Simon Ateba ever call it out; most of the other WH press corps sheep just go along with it.

But on Wednesday, it all seemed to be too much for NY Post writer Steven Nelson, who called out KJP for refusing to answer his questions—since May. Transparency be damned, evidently.

After she looked past him yet again and searched for a friendlier reporter who could throw her softballs, Nelson spoke up: “You haven’t called on me in two seasons, Karine.”

“And I’m not calling on you today,” Jean-Pierre snapped. Then, with a smirk on her face, she tried to ignore Nelson’s protestations as she kept repeating, “Go ahead, go ahead” to another reporter.


Nelson pointed out in his tweet that he was hardly…

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