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Rivals Attack Trump at Republican Jewish Coalition. Standing ‘O for Donald


LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Several possible presidential hopefuls took shots at former President Donald Trump on Friday evening and Saturday morning at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership convention.

The former governor of New Jersey was the most prominent. Chris Christie, who compared Trump supporters with the John Birch Society. He also blamed Republican losses in high inflation for high crime as he called on the party to get rid of Trump.

The losses of Trump-backed candidates are counted, but not victories like that of J.D. Christie (R-OH) stated that the GOP needed to be free from the one-man rule in order to win again.

Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of state, was less direct and said to the crowd that eight years is needed for the country to repair the mess caused by President Joe Biden. (Trump could serve an additional four years.

Outgoing Gov. Larry Hogan (Republican-MD), who was a frequent critic in mainstream media, stated that Trump had alienated independent voters.

The convention was the first major political gathering after last Tuesday’s disappointing election, though Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the likely incoming Speaker of the House, told the…

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