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Roger Stone makes a big prediction about Trump’s legal battles


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Trump confidante Roger Stone made a big prediction about how the 45th president will win his legal battles despite so much interference from the opposition. 

In an exclusive interview with reporters from Breitbart at the Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest conference in Arizona, Roger Stone predicted that President Trump will emerge triumphant from his legal battles. Stone is a supporter and friend of President Trump and maintains that these legal battles are nothing more than election interference from the Democrats. 

During the interview, Stone was asked, “You’ve had a 45-year friendship with President Trump. How do you think he’s doing in the wake of all this lawfare obviously meant to keep him out of office?”     

Stone responded to the question, explaining, “People don’t really understand how tough Donald Trump is. I worked for Richard Nixon. I worked for Senator Bob Dole, both very, very tough guys, but not nearly as tough as Trump.”

Stone believes that President Trump will win despite all the election interference, saying, “He literally is the toughest person I know. He really believes that he is going to run the gauntlet, despite the efforts to weaponize the judicial system — that he’s going to win.”

Stone added that even with all…

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