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Second Arrest Made in the Violent Florida Assault of a Marco Rubio Canvasser – RedState


Three days after the horrific attack on a political canvasser wearing a “Marco Rubio for Senate” shirt and a “Ron DeSantis for Governor” hat, a second man alleged to have been a part of the violent act has been made apprehended.

National Review

Police in South Florida have made a second arrest in connection with a vicious weekend attack on a GOP campaign worker who told authorities he was attacked “because he was a Republican,” according to an arrest report.

The Miami Herald, Florida’s local fish wrap of record, not only tried to dismiss that this attack was connected to political violence, but the publication doxxed the young man, now identified as 27-year-old Christopher Monzon, and accused him of being a white supremacist. They also criticised Sen. Rubio for the attack on his fish wrap. tweet that alleged that “four animals” attacked Monzon, rather than the two identified in the report given to police by the victim. The Herald Focusing on the…

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