Home Entertainment Sen. Lisa Murkowski wins reelection. Kelly Tshibaka loses.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski wins reelection. Kelly Tshibaka loses.


Republican Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski was elected to the U.S. Senate and defeated Republican Kelly Tshibaka.

The race was called by the Associated Press on Wednesday night. Tshibaka was defeated 53.7% to 46.3% by Murkowski with 100% of the votes. Murkowski received 135,972 votes compared to Tshibaka’s 117,299.

“I am honored that Alaskans — of all regions, backgrounds and party affiliations — have once again granted me their confidence to continue working with them and on their behalf in the U.S. Senate,” Murkowski tweeted Wednesday night. “I look forward to continuing the important work ahead of us.”

Tshibaka was previously employed in the Alaska state government.

“It’s clear from the ranked choice tabulations that Sen. Lisa Murkowski has been re-elected, and I congratulate her on that,” Tshibaka said In a statement. “The new election system has been frustrating to many Alaskans, because it was indisputably designed as an incumbent-protection program, and it clearly worked as intended.”

Kelly Tshibaka (Republican U.S. Senate Kandidat) joins Alaskan Republicans at Get Out The Vote hosted by…

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