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Senate Republicans Block $61B Ukraine Aid Package, Demand Biden Address Porous Southern Border – RedState


Every Senate Republican voted Wednesday to block a procedural vote to advance a national security bill that includes $61 billion of Ukraine aid because they are demanding that we defend our own border, which President Biden has steadfastly refused to do. The Ukraine money was part of a larger $110B package that also included aid to Israel and Taiwan.

Aid to Ukraine, which is mired in a war with Russia, has become an increasingly contentious issue, with Republicans demanding more accountability about where exactly the money is going and what the overarching strategy is.

But it was the ongoing disaster at the border that caused them to shut this package down for the time being. As my colleague Mike Miller reported, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) had indicated the move on Tuesday:

“[Ukraine aid is] dependent upon enactment of transformative change to our nation’s border security laws.”

The Speaker first floated the idea of linking Ukraine aid and Biden’s border disaster in November.

“The American people feel very strongly about this, and I do as well. We have things that we can and should do around the world, but we have to take care of our own house first. 

“As long as the border is wide open, we’re opening ourselves up for great threats. And again, it’s just a matter of principle that if we’re going to take…

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