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‘Slap In The Face’: Border Enforcement Will Go Back To ‘Normal’ Now That Biden’s Visit Is Over, Officials Say


EL PASO Texas — Border enforcement will return to a “status quo” following the president’s visit to El Paso, Texas, Sunday, current and former Border Patrol officials told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

President Joe Biden didn’t see the full scope of the border crisis because federal authorities were instructed to ramp up enforcement, Retired Deputy Patrol Agent in Charge of the El Paso Station Clay Thomas told the DCNF. (RELATED STORY: Texas Governor. Greg Abbott Confronts Biden Over Border Policies On The Tarmac: ‘Your Failure’)

“So in the days before President Biden came to El Paso the enforcement efforts were heightened and the streets were cleaned up, they shut down the convention center and other activities to make things look normal. While President Biden was present, things were quiet. And within days of him leaving, everything will go back to normal operations as usual, per status quo,” Thomas said.

“Last night, there was already an accident just west of El Paso that appears to be a smuggling load, 10 people in a vehicle and two dying. So it seems like it’s already going back to normal,” he added.

(Jennie Taer//Daily Caller News Foundation)

In El Paso, Texas, illegal immigrants line the streets.

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