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‘Squandering Sympathy’ By Surviving – Seth Mandel, Commentary Magazine


After pulling every last Israeli out of Gaza and handing the territory to the Palestinians in 2005, the once-loathed Ariel Sharon was told by his old political nemesis, Shimon Peres, that it seemed as though every Western leader was struggling “while you, Arik, are enjoying the support of the whole world.”

“Yes,” the old warrior responded. “But for how long?”

Sharon already knew the answer. Two weeks before this moment, MSNBC had noticed Israel was still going ahead with construction in the Jerusalem suburbs and building its security fence to protect Israelis from West Bank terrorist attacks. “Enjoying a moment of international sympathy, Sharon’s government is moving swiftly to capitalize on its unilateral withdrawal and ongoing demolition of 25 Jewish settlements,” readers were informed.

When you hear a word like “sympathy” regarding Israel, you know there’s another word that can’t be far behind. That word is squandering. “Palestinian officials say the move to begin construction in new sections of Maale Adumim risks squandering the goodwill Israel generated by uprooting settlements for the first time on land designated to be part of a future Palestinian state.”

There it is. Like Chekhov’s gun that you know will be fired, if there’s sympathy for Israel you know it’ll be…

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