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Starkes Europa, starkes Hessen – 22.05.2018 – 138. Plenarsitzung (Teil 2/2)

Starkes Europa, starkes Hessen – 22.05.2018 – 138. Plenarsitzung (Teil 2/2)

Mrs Hammann,
thank you quite. –
Mr Abg speaks following. Schalauske for the parliamentary group DIE LINKE. Please. Mr Head of state,
ladies and gents, dear listeners! Today'' s government declaration bears the title “” Together for a solid Europe …” “Yet what about the vouched togetherness and the sworn toughness? – No one will certainly reject that the European Union is presently in a deep crisis. It might also be the most significant crisis in European assimilation. Everybody is discussing this dilemma. The “” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung””
. reviews the question “” Is Europe crumbling?””. For Joschka Fischer,.
the dilemma setting seems to have actually become the new normal in the European Union
. Due to the fact that it often happens in the Hessian state parliament.
that important voices.
regarding the European Union have a tendency to be placed in a particular corner.
, I want to.
raise an additional famous movie critic. Even Pope Francis.
has actually made it clear just how worried he is concerning the state of.
Europe. The Pope criticizes.
expanding nationalism and bigotry as well as asks for visibility.
towards refugees and also their cultures. According to the Pope,.
people must not be picked or taken care of at will.With regard to economic. and also social development, he mentions Europe ' s ugly injuries,. which in turn contribute to
the decline in the legitimacy of the European job. The Pope. likewise consists of boosting poverty and high joblessness,. specifically amongst young individuals.
He alerts those in government. that Europe ought to not be” a collection of institutions. or numbers” yet consists of individuals.
I assume this” Pope talks. real words about the situation in Europe. [Applause from the LINKE] The social divisions. in Europe are enhancing
, between abundant and bad. within the nations, however also in between the states,. in between North and also South and also between East and also West.The financial and also financial crisis,. Called the euro crisis by some, is far from over. Big economic situations.
like France, Italy and Spain are stagnating. Economic.
inequalities in Europe are increasing. Hardship and record unemployment have been widespread in the countries of Southern Europe.
for years. Only those that state war on the social departments,.
the consequences of the financial and financial dilemma and.
the economic inequality,.
that offer people hope once again that the European Union.
can aid to conquer poverty and joblessness.
and enhance people'' s living problems,. will certainly can reinforce the commonalities in Europe. [Praise from the LINKE] The slogan of the EU. has actually long been that there ought to be an ever before.
better union. At the current when. people in Great Britain elected Brexit, it came to be
clear. that this slogan no more matches to reality.
as well as that lots of people are turning their backs on the European Union. In this significant situation,.
one questions what the Hessian.
state government has really been dealing with given that Brexit.Has she considered. exactly how the collapse of the European Union. can be avoided as well as
just how the European suggestion. can be revived? Or did she simply intend to obtain as several. financial benefits as possible for Hesse, for Hessian business and. for the banking metropolis of
Frankfurt from Brexit?- She intends to draw in as. many high-earning lenders from the City of
London. to Frankfurt. She was eager to land.
the seat of an organization of the European Union. As is popular, the last did. not work.I feel.
that the state federal government was not largely concerned. with the European concept, yet sadly it was really. petty concerning their own advantage.
In the ruthless location competition. as well as in the competition in between the regions. of the European
Union, the aim was to strengthen the Frankfurt financial center as well as. the Hessian economic climate.
I believe we. Need a state government that doesn'' t simply look.
at its own advantages at the expense of its European next-door neighbors in the short term,.
Instead does everything in its power to advertise social equal rights.
in Europe. [Praise from the LINKE.
– Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel (SPD):.
Begin!] European values are relentlessly conjured up in the crisis
. But what.
regarding these worths in reality? -.
Human civil liberties.
and also the regulation of regulation are still being run over on at the exterior borders of the European Union. This issue does not just impact.
a few right-wing governments such as that in Hungary. Instead, refugee policy is being.
tightened around Europe. Greater and greater fencings and also wall surfaces are being set up around Fortress Europe.One sees.

how countless people die annually running away.
fascism and also misery. I assume.
that has to finish. If you.
intend to take European worths seriously, you need to combat the root causes of flight.
and also not develop them, you have to end the deaths at.
Europe'' s external borders as well as ultimately guarantee risk-free retreat paths.
to Europe. [Applause from the LINKE] Points appear to be in.
extremely negative shape in this Europe when it pertains to what we have in usual. That is why lots of people are turning their.
backs on the European Union. In several countries,.
conservative nationalist events are on the rise,.
while social freedom, transformed into market consistency,.
remains in decrease throughout Europe. .
with a few exceptions, the Socialist Left has actually rarely gone on the offensive. The development of the federal government in Italy.
is simply one example of this circumstance. However let'' s discuss. Germany ' s role in Europe. 65 years ago, simply a couple of days.
after the 2nd Globe War, in a speech in Hamburg, Thomas Mann contacted.
pupils to pursue a European Germany.
and also never once again for a German.

– Today, nevertheless, several are not.
incorrect to warn versus a German Europe. “” Now German is talked in Europe.
,” “revealed the after that.
CDU faction leader Kauder in 2011. Temper at Germany'' s function is growing in many EU countries. Time after time individuals.
in this nation obtain intoxicated: Germany is the world export champion. [Call from the CDU] But that likewise suggests.
that there are significant economic discrepancies.
in the EU. Germany'' s international profession excess.
is a significant reason.
for the insolvency of the economically.
weaker nations.

The reality that Germany or,.
extra exactly, German business.
are doing so well is mostly due.
to wage unloading and also the stress on employees.
in our nation. While real salaries have.
hardly boosted for two decades as well as have actually also fallen in the lower wage teams.
, pensions have actually been lowered to the most affordable.
level in developed nations as well as our health insurance has been.
steadily eroded. I ca.
n'' t extra you this: With Agenda 2010,
. a very grand coalition of all the parties represented here in the state parliament.
– in addition to the LINKE – created.
a big low-wage market and made certain.
that countless individuals, in spite of effort.
and regardless of the minimal wage, which yes represents only a tiny correction.
– an action in.
the appropriate instructions, but far.
also reduced in quantity – can not survive on their salaries.
which countless out of work people are omitted.
from taking part in society.Ladies as well as gentlemen

,. you can turn as well as transform it
nonetheless you like: This policy is a secret. factor for the unfavorable developments in Germany as well as Europe. [Applause from DIE LINKE] The remarkable point, however, is. that at most the leading 10%.
have actually taken advantage of this policy. Rather of transforming something here in our nation., the German government. did something totally different.
Because of the German. government ' s policy in the direction of indebted'EU states,. other austerity programs have actually been dictated to them, which they need to and also needed to accept. to avoid national bankruptcy.We needs to turn our interest. to the effects of this tragic policy. Take Greece.
, where a left-wing government has been offered its knees. by the policies of the EU troika. [Call from the CDU] What took place in Greece?- At the behest of the EU and most importantly. the German federal government, the well-being state has actually been taken down,. incomes and pension plans have been cut, the civil liberties of the working. population have been even more dragged down and public property has. been offered off. Yet young people unemployment.- in spite of all the meant success records- is.
still at a record degree of 42.5%.
The oh, so pro-European plan. that is usually invoked here and also somewhere else has.- I can ' t put it any type of various other means- reduced the Greek well-being state to. a stack of rubble. Naturally, when we speak concerning Greece,. we likewise need to speak about Hesse; because there is a link that leads from Greece straight. to Hesse.
I ' m discussing Fraport AG,. a global gamer that.
is bulk'openly had.
Ironically, such a firm. came to be the recipient of a. privatization bought by Germany. [Phone call of the Abg. Klaus Dietz (CDU). -counter call from the Abg. Janine Wissler.
( DIE LINKE )] Fraport was able to acquire 14 Greek. airport terminals. What are the Fraport managers doing.
today?- Many thanks to. this required privatization, they are satisfied concerning profits
in the millions. as well as are however not above suing the Greek state. for damages. There was not a single critical word from the state government. concerning this foray.I can only stay with it: As a Hesse, I can. only repent of this policy

. Ladies as well as gentlemen,.
public building, whether in Greece,. Germany or Hesse, should not be liquidated. [Praise from DIE LINKE] While in Greece. the neoliberal plans were gotten by Germany,.
other governments are eagerly replicating this German design. [Telephone call of the Abg. Dirk Landau( CDU)] Today we spoke concerning France. as well as Emmanuel Macron. I remember too well.
exactly how you all commemorated today ' s French President Emmanuel Macron a year ago, simply prior to the political elections in France. Back then, I. threw water in the wine

and also advised against the policies of the former. investment banker
. For many- this has actually additionally come to be clear. in today ' s discussion- Macron is. still taken into consideration a great European. [

Call of the Abg. Dirk Landau (CDU)] Yet rather of paying attention to his inexpensive words.
concerning Europe as well as measuring him by them,.
you must judge him by his activities. [Phone call of the Abg. Dirk Landau (CDU)] What has Macron.
done considering that his election? [Phone call of the Abg. Kurt Wiegel (CDU)] – If you currently understand that? – However I'' ll. inform you once again now: He pressed via enormous tax obligation cuts for.
the financial elite. The wealthiest 10% will certainly save more than EUR12 billion in tax obligations this year. He wishes to abolish a fine tax obligation.
for rich business owners and leading supervisors.
that desire to relocate their home abroad. [Call of the Abg. Dirk Landau (CDU)] When it involves public costs,.
he wishes to conserve the massive sum of over EUR60 billion by the end of.
his term of office. One could speak of a kind of Schedule 2010.
or “operation grim future” à la française. Medical facilities, schools.
as well as public real estate firms are impacted.120,000 jobs in the general public. field are to vanish. The French state train SNCF.
is to be privatized and employment partnerships.
are to be deregulated. Yet the good idea is that the unions are up in arms versus these plans
. There has actually been a.
strike in France for weeks. The strike engagement is.
greater than it has been for a very long time. Resistance to Macron'' s plans is.
likewise mixing at the universities. There, access to greater education should.
only be granted to young high institution grads.
that pass interior university selection procedures. On May 26,.
many organizations from civil society,.
politics and the trade union range have actually called.
for a France-wide day of protest, a marée populaire.
– flooding of the individuals – to show Macron the red card for his anti-social.
policies.For us it is clear: The uniformity of the LINKE relates to all. the individuals in France that are currently. withstanding these neoliberal reforms
. We desire their protest day. fantastic success.
[Applause from the LINKE] Let'' s involve. one more important date. Early elections will certainly take location in Turkey on June 24th
. Turkey is in.
a state of emergency situation as well as a climate of concern. A delegation from.
the Europe Preacher, which was also participated in by members of.
the Hessian state parliament – I was.
Able to take part – was able to see this for themselves a couple of weeks back.
in Ankara.The preacher. addressed it.
Turkey is.
heading to an.
Islamist presidential tyranny under the caesar Erdogan. [Phone call of the Abg. Dirk Landau (CDU).
– counter call from the Abg. Janine Wissler.
( DIE LINKE)] – We'' ll also come. to Erdogan ' s pals, you simply need to take care. – The regime is cracking down.
on journalists, democrats as well as doubters of the program with terrific extent. Over 125,000 people have.
shed their jobs. Over 70,000 individuals.
are in jail. A bloody battle is being salaried against the.
Kurds in south-eastern Turkey. Individuals die everyday,.
homes are damaged. At the beginning of the year,.
the Turkish army assaulted the Kurdish canton of Afrin.
in north Syria: a war of hostility that breaks worldwide legislation.
, as not only the LINKE say,.
Additionally the scientific solution of the Bundestag determined.Incidentally,.

Leopard 2 tanks made in Germany, i.e. containers.
That were also partly made in Hesse, were.
utilized there. I would wish.
that the state government would at the very least.
when take this trouble as a possibility to pay more attention to the peace rule.
in the Hessian constitution.
as well as to initiate significant projects for weaponries conversion and versus.
weaponries manufacturing. [Applause from the LINKE] But allow'' s transform to. Erdogan ' s good friends, since that was required below. What is the federal government doing? – She slams.
two football players who consulted with the Turkish.
caesar. [Janine Wissler (DIE LINKE): Yes!] Do n'' t obtain us incorrect: the objection is warranted,.
Those that live in glass houses shouldn'' t toss rocks. Anyone that courts Erdogan himself.
throughout the political election project, who supplies tools to his.
NATO vassals, who.
cooperates militarily and also with the secret service despite the state of emergency, inevitably slams the tyrannical.
advancement in Turkey completely implausibly.

[Praise from DIE LINKE] That relates to both.
the federal government as well as.
the Hessian state federal government. But I would love to expressly acknowledge.
that the Europe Minister and the entire Hessian delegation.
Met for talks with the HDP event
. The degree of repression.
the HDP is encountering is dreadful. 9 HDP MPs are in prison,.
including their presidential prospect.
Selahattin Demirtas. Eleven HDP MPs.
have actually shed their required. Hundreds of metropolitan MPs.
were also apprehended or eliminated from workplace. I think: The repressions against the HDP.
As against the other democratic pressures in Turkey.
should ultimately end – similar to the criminalization.
of the Kurdish motion in Germany. [Applause from DIE LINKE] That is why a modification of program in.
Turkey'' s policy is so quickly needed. When faced with serious.
human civil liberties offenses and also in the face of a.
battle of aggressiveness that breaches international legislation, there must disappear organization customarily. In order to tax the AKP program,.
cops and also military cooperation.
with the NATO country have to be stopped and all arms exports.
to Turkey quit.

[Applause from DIE LINKE] Words need to be.
followed by deeds. One can not, on the one hand, criticize.
the civils rights situation and the conditions in Turkey.
and, on the various other hand, maintain highlighting the economic.
connections with Turkey. Regardless, DIE LINKE stands.
strongly on the side of the HDP. LINKE MPs will remain in Turkey.
on June 24 as political election onlookers.
to record political election adjustments as well as to make at least.
a small payment to ensuring that the political elections.
take area as relatively as feasible, which.
will barely be the situation anyhow under the problems of the state of emergency. The European Union.
and its member states are staying with.
The partnership with Turkey under Erdogan for financial and geostrategic reasons.These intentions-

this is.
a trouble of the European Union – are also driving those liable.
in various other areas: further militarization.
of the EU gets on the program. Stunned by the unpredictable.
adventures people President Trump, who regularly brings the globe to.
the edge of a dreadful catastrophe by means of Twitter,.
better European freedom should now be the focus.
; numerous speeches additionally described this
. The armed problem.
of the USA, Great Britain as well as France versus Syria,.
which rated by the German federal government, programs.
exactly how far European freedom has come. The European.
militarization is to be progressed under the acronym PESCO,.
Permanent Structured Participation. Behind this is.
absolutely nothing greater than the need to transform the EU right into a global gamer militarily as a feedback to the global political.
scenario and also to continue.
turning the armaments spiral.Because it has currently been pointed out right here,. I state: it is arguable.
whether the European Union
was founded mainly to secure. peace. One shouldn ' t forget
. that the European suggestion likewise arised as a response to the bloody. horrors as well as homicidal atrocity of 2 world battles. The lesson from this can not be to. depend on rearmament and also the army, yet it must lastly be. time to advance a policy of peace and also. detente. That ' s the lesson
of. the 20th century – and also not to lose even more cash on weaponries
. [Praise from the LINKE] At the end I return.
to a basic trouble, specifically the flawed.
construction of the European Union. The European worths do not.
show themselves in the in fact existing EU.
in prosperity, social security.
and also peace for all individuals. Instead, in the EU, market freedom is declared.
a noble goal as well as the track of praise.
for competition is sung. Yet what sort of Europe is it.
in which the social rate of interests of individuals.
are subordinated to these goals? What kind of Europe is this,.
where neoliberalism, which places the freedom of the market.
over every little thing else, is enshrined in the EU treaties.
? Is this a Europe of individuals,.
or is it inevitably a Europe of firms,.
banks as well as firms? What do many people.
in Europe obtain out of the fact that markets have actually been decontrolled,.
civil services have actually been privatized and also financial markets have been.
liberalised? What is pro-European regarding a policy.
that reveals Europeans.
to relentless competitors, a race to the base,.
for the cheapest salaries, the most affordable social requirements and.
the best tax obligation disposing? And afterwards one asks yourself.
why people turn away from Europe? All the same, we are adhering to it: Anybody who wishes to develop a pro-European policy.
have to overcome the neoliberal EU treaties.
and also located a new Europe, as profession unionists.
, pundits as well as lobbyists from social movements have actually been.
demanding for years and decades.

[Praise from the LINKE] This needs a change.
in the European treaty bases as well as the priority of.
essential social rights as well as public property over inner market flexibilities.
and competitors guidelines, a public.
investment program that lowers economic discrepancies.
and adjusts the living conditions of people in Europe. What is needed is an end to lowerings.
and austerity policies, an alignment of financial.
as well as social policies, an end to tax disposing.
and a drying up of tax places and – I argued concerning this -.
an end to the militarization of the European Union.
and also a Europe that is dedicated to tranquility, Disarmament and also detente embed in.
– also with the European neighbor Russia. The walls as well as fences of Citadel.
Europe should be torn down. Madam Priest,.
if the adage in Hesse is “” Together for a solid Europe””.
, we believe that.
the plans of the state federal government and also the policies.
of the federal government needs to change.The short-sighted squinting. at financial advantages
for Hesse or Germany. should involve an end. We require a. pro-European plan.
Europe and also Hesse will. only be solid if numerous individuals collaborate. for social justice, peace and also solidarity in Hesse,. Germany and also Europe.
With this in mind, I invite. you all ahead to Kassel at the end of October. An Attac congress. for a Europe based upon uniformity is taking location there. [Call from the CDU: Ei, ei, ei!] This is the location where a. individuals ' s Europe from listed below and also not a Europe. of banks and also firms is being developed. [Praise from the LINKE] Many many thanks, Herr Schalauske. -Mr Lenders will certainly speak next for. the Free Democrats. There you go, you
have the flooring. Mr. Head of state,. girls and gents! Seldom has there
been. a government declaration in which so little bit was claimed regarding the connection to Hesse. as today. Yet Mr. Schalauske,.
what you made with your speech is a special reward. I wear ' t intend to lose all my. speaking time on you, although your speech. must have given me reason sufficient to do so.But, Herr
Schalauske,. you have to ask yourself whether the left-wing federal government. in Greece is truly so on the surface established.
If that were really the case,. as well as if every little thing others listed on it was so bad,.
the Greek government might simply surrender. and abandon the place. Yet, Mr. Schalauske,.
there is something you can not neglect in the speech you simply provided.: Do you really understand.
that Greece is one of minority nations that. actually fulfill Donald Trump ' s requirements which even more than 2%. of their gross domestic product for invest the armor? [Praise from the FDP. and the Abg.

Dirk Landau (CDU) – acclamation of Abg. Jan Schalauske (DIE LINKE)] Hopefully I'' ve. already completed that with you. What you have actually claimed right here concerning Europe.
is daring. Ladies and gents,.
because it occupied a large component of the priest'' s speech,.
I would likewise like to enter into the connection.
with Turkey extremely briefly. You will certainly not be shocked.
that we Free Democrats still see no future.
for Turkey in the EU. The growths in the last.
two years run counter to the common European values, which are lawfully binding, as an example, set in the.
European Convention on Human Civil Liberties

We for that reason call.
on the Federal Federal Government as well as the EU to finish the arrangements with Turkey.
in their current kind, to quit EU repayments.
for the accession procedure and also to place connections with Turkey.
on a brand-new footing. Ladies as well as gents,.
those would certainly be clear words that I would certainly have longed for from a state federal government
. [Applause from the FDP] Currently to the typical.
European values. This also uses to how we deal.
with each various other in the European Union. It is right that the European worths.
put on all Participant States. It is for that reason right to keep track of.
developments in Poland and also Hungary as well as to penalize violations.
of the European treaties and the EU Charter of Essential Legal Rights
. Ladies and also gentlemen, you.
heard it from Preacher of State Puttrich. We were educated of this in writing in breakthrough.
, as well as you also said so. You stated that upon inauguration it.
must be examined whether it is still appropriate for.
these countries to continue to be members of the European Community

Preacher of State Puttrich, do.
you really believe you can state that to Poland.
? Do you actually believe you can state.
that because the advancements in Italy? Do you truly think.
we can say that regarding countries like Hungary? Do you seriously think that you can say.
to the new federal government in Austria.
that these member states can stay in the EU? I believe.
we need to engage in dialogue and.
address what drives these countries to take such.
a position.Ladies and also gents,

. that would be worthy of all honor. Nevertheless, this government declaration has. not given any indicator of this at
all.You didn'' t say that you intend to check whether these states are still permitted to continue to be participants of the EU. At the very same time, you were aiming for a softer training course with Turkey. I can not understand that. [Praise from the FDP] Europe can not succeed if Europe is not sustained by the residents. It'' s not just an inquiry of the head. This is an affair of the heart. The people ' activity” Pulse of Europe””
. shows impressively exactly how several pro-European reasoning.
individuals want to assist shape it. What we require now.
are less descriptions of the status; we need.
definitive activity for Europe. It was always the big inquiries.
that individuals in Europe located themselves with. No one today slams.
the freedom to take a trip. No one criticizes.
the single money today.Hardly anyone

an operating inner market. Europe is always.
regarding the huge things that people.
can get excited around and where people.
have actually likewise sustained Europe. It is therefore quickly needed.
that we produce a lot more commonalities in international as well as.
safety policy. Those are the inquiries you.
can take individuals with you on. Ladies as well as gents,.
we require a strong common money as opposed to further.
debt alleviation.

[Praise from the FDP] If you proceed the discussion.
in the instructions of financial debt relief, you will certainly advertise business.
of the opponents of Europe and the populists. We require a.
European inner market, particularly for energy.
as well as digitization. Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel.
stated a whole lot of the right things about it. We require a.
operating internal market, including when it pertains to carbon dioxide emissions. We need Europe.
when it pertains to climate modification. Ladies as well as gents,.
it is insufficient to call Donald Trump a stray.
when he says he desires less open market. We should come with open market with.
reasonable tools. We ought to not neglect.
that the EU is above all a cost-free profession area. At this moment.
I would certainly like to recognize just how the black-green state government.
stands on the CETA contract with Canada. Mrs Puttrich, unfortunately you didn'' t. state anything concerning that. [Praise from the FDP] We require extra commonalities,.
as an example in refugee plan and also in foreign.
and also safety plan. After all, we can not dismantle internal boundaries.
and leave the partner nations alone with the troubles. During the refugee crisis,.
we experienced that the Italians as well as the Spaniards.
stated at some time: we can go to Germany.

– Ladies as well as gents,.
you didn'' t have to be a clairvoyant. The federal government enjoyed.
the issues at the external borders of Greece, Italy and Spain.
for a long time as well as left these nations alone with their issues. [Applause from the FDP] Ladies and gentlemen,.
eventually we likewise need subsidiarity controls.
by the national parliaments. What our task.
as the Hessian state parliament is has actually not been resolved in any way right here. We have to admit.
that it is on and off that a.
bulk in the Bundesrat handles to settle on the subsidiarity argument as a tool
. After the deadline, nonetheless, the Federal Council.
nearly unanimously released vital and adverse statements
. This way, the instrument of reprimands,.
which is just one of minority opportunities for influence of the federal states,.
the regional parliaments, is devalued.Subsidiarity goes to the heart of. the European idea. Compliance with these leads. to much more commonness, due to the fact that then every level is consisted of. and also, over all, every degree can contribute its strengths. [Applause from the FDP] Converted, this means: The European Union should. care for the big problems. But we should.
not say concerning the level of curvature of cucumbers. Minister of State,. you discussed the Franco-German engine. We Free Democrats sustain. several of the French President ' s initiatives [Jan Schalauske( DIE LINKE):. I can picture that!] such as digitization.
or the Power Union. In the location of the banking union,. which has an effect on Hesse and the financial
center of Frankfurt,. situation durability and also the application of market economic climate. principles are equally as important to us as totally free competition as well as
the obligation. of owners and also investors. We deny an uniform European. deposit insurance coverage.
[Praise from the FDP.
– Clemens Reif( CDU): We also!] When it comes to money, we are. currently on a crucial subject for the following couple of months,.
namely the multi-year economic structure and architectural policy. for the coming years. I ask myself. why my associates didn ' t go into it more.Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger presented. the Compensation ' s proposals a

few days earlier. Even if it was to be anticipated.
that. the worry'would have to be rearranged when the UK, the net contributor,
the proposition consists of aspects that are quite. worth going over. Initially look,. it is tough to understand why the absence of the British.
share of EUR6 to EUR7 billion ought to lead
to a higher payment from Germany. of as much as EUR10 billion.
First off, these numbers do. n ' t add up. The Free Democrats identify. that the EU needs to invest much more on boundary safety and security.
and the fight against terrorism.
We specifically welcome. the rise in “Erasmus And also” and “Perspective 2020”. Nevertheless, we miss out on the will. of the Compensation to attain these modifications “. and also improvements with its own financial self-control. Nobody can describe to me. why, once the UK has actually
left, the number. of seats that nation has in the European Parliament will certainly be divided. between the various other participant states. [Applause from the FDP] Ladies and gentlemen,. you can not discuss that to the individuals out on the street.Many might say that. this does not make the cabbage fat, however there are. various other examples, including. the European Parliament ' s travel tourist between Strasbourg and also Brussels.
The parade circus.
that is still going on there'consults with little understanding from individuals. out on the street, specifically. when it is likewise a question of more German tax cash. flowing to Europe.
[Applause from the FDP
] Another state political concern.
– in enhancement to architectural policy- is the question of. how the state government works,
as an example, to make certain. that European decisions do not have any kind of unfavorable results. on the vehicle locations in Hesse et cetera of Germany. The keyword Opel has. simply been mentioned.The fact that Opel is.
currently taking into consideration needing to make deep cuts,. that Opel is considering needing to lay off employees
. is also connected to EU laws, the. entry into pressure of
which was not avoided in time by the federal government. The only individuals that are. delighted regarding these growths are the Chinese, who are fully.
dedicated to electromobility. Anybody who has actually listened to the speeches at the present. “Auto China” motor program has actually likewise heard. that the Chinese are stating: The automotive globe will. modification completely. -Those that will after that remain in the lead.
are the car manufacturers from China,.
who do not also build lorries themselves and also toss them on the market,.

but, as an example, currently hold 10 %of the shares in Daimler-Benz.
and also have actually gotten a conventional European company. like Volvo have.
The Chinese are laughing their heads off. at the plans we are seeking below in Europe. [Applause from the FDP.
– shouts from the SPD: And now?]- If you ask:” And now?”.
after that I can just answer you: I expect the federal government to. think of the results on. Germany as a commercial area before enabling such decisions. of the Compensation to go through.Ms. Puttrich, I discover. what you criticized actually lovely,. yet I do ask myself at some times: How much time has the CDU really governed? All the crises.
we are managing -whether it ' s Poland,.
Greece or. the monetary union -.
occurred throughout Angela Merkel ' s chancellorship. [Applause from the FDP] One can after that say: Helmut Kohl'would.
turn in his
grave if he recognized what Angela Merkel. had actually done to Europe. It took him years as well as decades. to bring the European suggestion to life,. and Angela Merkel ruined it all with the stroke of a pen. [Argument from the CDU]

Ladies and also gents,. You are going along with
this, and unfortunately you are. not replying to what the right-wing populists are. accusing you of. Madam Minister of State,. with your government declaration you have not lived up to the objectives. and also areas of activity for Europe that you desire to create. and also the expectations.
From the perspective of the Free
Democrats,. The issue of digitization must be offered even better factor to consider than before when developing the European Structural
Funds. We want further. training with a view
. to digitization to come to be a program focus within the framework of the European Social Fund. Ms. Puttrich,. you could have stated something about exactly how the state government sees it.Digitization.
can not be stopped, and also it is the task of political leaders. to produce framework conditions to make sure that citizens. can really take
benefit of the chances supplied by digitization. I put on ' t want to go right into also much information. regarding Brexit. The decisions were made.
to our regret. Nevertheless, given. young people joblessness of 50
% in Europe, e.g. in Spain, we. Have to respond to the question: What can we in the Hesse region. do to tackle this high youth unemployment,. which is certainly a pan-European problem,.
with each other? The last impulses that. came from Hesse originated from the former. Business Economics Minister Florian Rentsch.
– Mr Boddenberg, you ' re laughing.
[Michael Boddenberg( CDU ): My.
coworker Rentsch recognizes. the tale much better!]- Mr. Boddenberg,. as parliamentary team leader, you might have continued these efforts with Spain. You'would certainly have been cost-free to do so. [Applause from the FDP
] You don ' t truly appear to place a whole lot of body and soul
. right into it. I would certainly yearn for a state federal government. that makes it clear in government statements. what it wants, and also not just explains problems. This has. a long custom in this government. In recent government statements,. we have missed new impulses and also suggestions from. this state government.
However this goes on. We make note of that. [Praise from the FDP] Thanks, Mr Lenders.
– Following Mr. Abg talks to us. Utter for the CDU parliamentary team. There you go,. you have the flooring. Beloved Mr. Head Of State,. dear coworkers! If you wish to form the future, you. have to know the past.
Mr Schäfer-Gümbel,. that ' s why I ' m going to take up
this factor “narrative “once again. Tomorrow, May 23rd, will be the. 400th anniversary of the supposed Prague Defenestration, which marks the beginning.
of the Thirty Years'' Battle, among the best disasters. in German and also European history. At the start of this war in 1618, 100 individuals resided in my little location of house, Massenheim,.
which is currently an area of Bad Vilbel
. At the end of the war.

there were still 40. Hesse was among the German. regions that were particularly tough struck by the devastation.
of the soldiers. At the end of this dispute there is. the Tranquility of Westphalia, a thorough peace order. for Germany, [René Rock (FDP ): Not acknowledged.
by the Catholic Church.!] a tranquility contract.
that was more effective than, for instance, the tranquility treaties at the beginning. of the 20th century.
The Versailles Treaty, which was. ended practically 100
years earlier, already consisted of failure. The possibilities of a European. peace order were squandered. It took one more. horrible battle and millions much more deaths
. prior to an entire new chapter. in the background of our continent was opened up with the European Community.Hessen is in the middle of Europe. That is why our country endured particularly.
from the European conflicts.
You could claim a whole lot below,. but I wish to remind you of. the devastation of the

Hessian cities during the 2nd World War as an example. You can get a concept of what was lost in terms of important historic building textile along with all the
. human suffering when you look at. the newly built historical. rows of residences on the Römerberg in Frankfurt today, which just compose a fraction. of the historic part of the old town that has disappeared.
It is difficult and. not at all self-evident to attract lessons from history. In 1945 no one might have. envisioned that Europe would certainly one day come to be synonymous. with peace, freedom as well as success.70 years of tranquility are. a special
attribute in our background. Mr Schalauske, if Europe. is said to be so horrible, how can you discuss. why numerous people, when asked.
where they would such as to live, call Europe

? [Applause from the CDU. as well as BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GREEN] We want the tranquility,. flexibility and also prosperity that many have actually taken for approved to be preserved. I make sure that we. will just be successful with a strong Europe. Tranquility as well as success in Hesse are.
closely connected to peace as well as prosperity in Europe. It is consequently one of the foremost.

jobs of Hessian state national politics to benefit a united. and strong Europe.
[Vice Head Of State Dr. Ulrich Wilken. takes over the presidency.] In the last decades,. under the most diverse state governments -Jörg-Uwe Hahn-. the European political dedication of Hesse has. continually increased. I would like to take this possibility to say thanks to. all previous European Ministers and.
European State Secretaries, no matter their party affiliation,. for their wonderful commitment. Naturally, I would particularly like to give thanks to. the existing Preacher for Europe, Lucia Puttrich,. for her daring temperament, even on hard missions,. such as most recently in Turkey. [Praise from the CDU] In sight of the current.
– illustrated- headings, I ca n ' t assistance yet specifically thank. our Secretary of State for Europe, Mark Weinmeister, for always. taking the trouble. to stand up for Hessian
passions on the ground in Europe. Every cent of his traveling expenditures.
is money well spent for the future of our state. [
Applause from the CDU.
and members of. the Partnership 90/The Greens] The European job is.
not a foolproof success. It calls for every one of our efforts,. At the level of state politics.Our local collaborations. within the EU are exemplary.
Along with Emilia-Romagna,. Wielkopolska as well as Nouvelle-Aquitaine,. we represent our interests in the

multi-region residence in Brussels. Mr von Heusinger- I delight in. that he is following this argument- and his team make sure. that this multi-region center is really an interaction facility. in Brussels, [applause from the CDU] in which, on the one hand, Hessian. interests are developed as well as on the various other hand, communication.
as well as exchange can occur beyond the boundaries of Hesse.It actually is. an excellent facility that is significantly valued by all. In a partnership,.
It is also possible to address important issues.

part of. the dialogue with our Polish partners, we can additionally discuss judicial
reform. as well as why we are so important of it. We note. that viewpoints on this are not consistent in Poland. The blunder of stating “the Poles “is made once more as well as again.
Poland is extremely different. There are
numerous celebrations there. As an example, our partners. in the Wielkopolska see the whole judicial reform explicitly. differently from their central federal government. The Wielkopolska region. particularly take advantage of EU membership. The partnership. with Hesse, which was made a decision upon prior to joining the EU, also aided right here. Back then, Hesse.
made a contribution to introducing Poland to the EU.
– it is. Permissible to claim this -solidarity is not a one-way road.
The habits of Poland.
and also various other nations in the refugee crisis. is unacceptable.Solidarity methods. helping each other. [Applause from the CDU] I am convinced.
that we are in Hesse- this has been asked several times;

these are concrete points- can once again assist with the combination of the Western Balkans.
All upstanding Europeans. must have a rate of interest in the Balkans never becoming a resource of fire once more,. as it went to the start of the 1990s. It was for that reason appropriate.
that the objective,. specifically subscription in the European Union, was when again.
explained at the EU summit in Sofia. Nonetheless, it is.
not a particular date that counts below, however the development made.
in financial and political assimilation. One would certainly have to be blind. not to see that international powers. go to operate in this region. Turkish Head of state Erdogan ' s campaign look.
in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
at the weekend. was greater than unfortunate. With his nationalist twaddle.
concerning the” Footrest put in the face”, he
interferes with conjunction. not just in Bosnia but throughout Europe. [Praise from the CDU] Turkey swiftly.
quote goodbye to freedom as well as freedom of journalism.

His Ottoman imagine becoming a wonderful power. will certainly bring calamity to Turkey. Today there is not an enough majority for. Turkey ' s subscription of the EU.
President Erdogan. knocked the door himself with his offensive performances. [Praise from the CDU] For several years there has actually been. a collaboration between the state parliament and also the regional parliament of. the Serbian district of Vojvodina. The following state parliament. will have to talk about just how this parliamentary collaboration can be.
full of a lot more life. This may. additionally lead to a starting point for
Hessian involvement. in the combination of the Western Balkans. Sadly- I very a lot regret
this. – connections with the USA, our long-lasting ally, are. currently interfered with.
For lots of years,. the most diverse American governments supported. the further development of the European Union. Currently Europe is just.
checked out critically. This suggests that Europeans. now have to take even more
duty for their security.
But I see it in different ways. than a few of the previous audio speakers. The present discussion. at the federal level regarding a particular percentage.
of protection investing doesn ' t truly seem to me to. be productive.The inquiry needs to be asked fairly in a different way.
: how high does German

. protection spending have to be to ensure that we can fulfill our tasks. in a European defense neighborhood.? The hostile habits of Russia,.
which reached its visible climax in the filthy war in eastern Ukraine.
and the illegal addition of Crimea, makes it required. for the EU to be able
to apply the stability of its boundaries. militarily too
. Weakness makes our. tranquility initiatives doubtful. [Praise from the CDU] I would such as. Europe and Russia to find their way to an equivalent. partnership. The advantage for both sides. would certainly be enormous. Presently, nonetheless,. the Kremlin seems to be really hoping most importantly for a weakening, if not.
a split, of the EU. This is a short-sighted plan.
Russia ' s activities. against Ukraine were also a'significant step backwards. in regards to nuclear weapons dismantling.
The annexation of Crimea is. a clear violation of the Budapest Memorandum. This memorandum was authorized. on December 5, 1994 within the structure of the CSCE seminar. In the memorandum,. the United States
, Britain as well as Russia made. three separate statements to Kazakhstan, Belarus. as well as Ukraine that they would certainly appreciate the countries ' sovereignty and existing boundaries in return for relinquishing nuclear tools

Due to Russia'' s outright infraction of.
the treaty, the opportunities.
that a nation will certainly ever quit its nuclear tools once more have.
not raised. The policies of the.
existing United States administration are likewise not aiding to limit.
the spreading of nuclear tools. In her federal government declaration, Europe Priest Puttrich defined the challenges.
facing Europe. If we.
intend to continue to be economically successful, we must.
not lose out on digitization. Innovations should continue to originate from Europe in the future. That indicates we require.
a creative research study plan that networks our potential. We must see the variety and creativity.
of Europe as a chance;.
we should not regard them as disadvantages. Nationalism and also populism,.
whether from the left or the right, which sustain egoism,.
are not appropriate for forming the future. On the celebration of Europe Week,.
we were again able to see that several schoolchildren.
dealt intensively with Europe. We are dedicated to boosting the.
exchange of young people.A remain in an additional European. country should be part
of the standard, not only during your studies, yet additionally during your training. Youths in Europe. require to understand that they are needed. Combating. youth joblessness should be a concern. I agree with the previous audio speakers. It must likewise be enabled. to ask whether what is educated in colleges, research studies and also training. in parts of Europe is at all appropriate.
for discovering a work.
The academization of large areas. has not resulted in much better opportunities for youths at work market.,. fairly the contrary.

just complaining grumbling regarding unemployment. is not sufficient.
One must.
inquire about the reasons. You have to.
begin with the training. [Applause from the CDU] Just as it is common practice for.
English to be taught in college, one must not give up.
the diversity of languages in Europe. Therefore, I am.
specifically in support of us continuing to.
discover and instruct various other languages in Europe, since finding out a language.
always opens a foreign culture.We have already.

attained a lot in Europe. Financially we are. extremely effective.
No member state of the EU. is worse off today than it was when it joined. Also where there were problems,. such as in Portugal, Spain and Greece,. which were specifically tough struck by the financial situation as well as. which have high degrees of debt, clear progress can be. seen. I discover it weird.
that a socialist in Greece, who boasts of his successes, gets.
Much criticism from the LINKE in Hesse.But perhaps.

these are various points of view, exactly how to look at it. Europe is presently.
in hard waters. Brexit,.
i.e. the leave of Terrific Britain, was mentioned. Every dilemma.
Offers a possibility. It'' s a chance to.
assume about just how Europe needs to continue.
and also what reforms are needed. [Jan Schalauske (DIE LINKE):.
If just it were done!] The future of the EU should.
Be the leading subject of the 2019 European elections.In my point of view,

we require.
even more clearness concerning the organizations as well as their expertises. The European Parliament must become.
a genuinely representative pan-European.
people'' s assembly. This suggests that European checklists.
of lead prospects are up for political election. The European Parliament requires.
an unrestricted right of effort. The European Payment.
should be figured out collectively by the Parliament and the Council. When changing the EU, nonetheless, we must.
guarantee that we adhere to the principles of subsidiarity.
and also only act at European degree.
where this brings included worth for people. This is the only method we can protect acceptance.
and approval of Europe against patriotic.
tendencies. With the Berlin union contract, the Federal Federal government has.
made it clear.
just how important it is to European policy. Germany is.
likewise going to make an economic payment.
to ensure that the European Union can accomplish its vital tasks

Yet there.
will certainly be no mutualisation of financial obligations with us. Assist of course,.
but help for self-help. Nobody should.
be eased of their obligation. [Applause from the CDU.
and the Abg. Ursula Hammann.
( BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN)] On October 28, a brand-new state parliament will certainly be elected in Hesse. At the very same time,.
people will certainly elect on 15 constitutional changes
. I was especially excited by.
the new Art. 64. It reviews: Hessen is a participant state.
of the Federal Republic of Germany and also thus becomes part of.
the European Union.Hessen is committed
to a united Europe that is devoted to democratic, regulation of legislation,
social and federal concepts in addition to the principle
of subsidiarity, which protects the freedom of the areas
and also guarantees their participation in European
decisions.On October 28,

I wish
that Hessen will make a clear as well as unambiguous commitment
to a joined Europe, that this post
will certainly be approved with a big majority: a strong Hessen
in a solid Europe. [Praise from the CDU
and also the BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN
in addition to the deputy Lothar Quanz (SPD)] Thank you, Mr. Utter. – We have come to the end
of the debate. With that, the federal government declaration has
been gotten as well as gone over.