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Stranger Danger! Biden Tells Children at the White House That ‘Daddy Owes You’ Ice Cream And People Are Disturbed


President Biden, speaking to a packed crowd in the East Room of the White House Wednesday, raised eyebrows by telling the children in attendance that “daddy owes you” ice cream.

Biden was making remarks celebrating the anniversary of the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act, a tax and spend/climate change bill he recently admitted never should have been labeled as being inflation-reducing.

Prior to speaking on that topic, however, the President decided to address the children in the room, always a perilous move on his part.

“I want to say one thing to your children: I know some really great ice cream places around here,” he said. “And Daddy owes you. Okay?”

“So, talk to me afterward.”

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Joe Biden Offers Ice Cream to the Kids

I’m not saying Joe Biden is creepy but … well, wait a minute. Yes, yes, I am saying that.

And I’m pretty sure at least one woman standing behind him had some serious concerns.

biden daddy owes you
Screenshot: Insider Paper X

That looks like a woman thinking, ‘The hell did he just…

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