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Enhance youth mental health by raising awareness and decreasing stigma


Building awareness of youth mental health conditions and understanding sources of and solutions for stigma were the focus of the second convening of NGA Chair Governor Murphy’s Initiative on Strengthening Youth Mental Health.

Jordan Hynes and Jess Kirchner

The second convening of the 2022-2023 NGA Chair’s Initiative: Strengthening Youth Mental Health took place in Santa Monica, California, from January 24 – 25, 2023. This second pillar of the Chair’s Initiative: Increasing Awareness and Reducing Stigma followed the October 2022 convening in Utah on Addressing Prevention and Resilience Building.

NGA Chair Phil Murphy from New Jersey was joined by Jared Polis, the Colorado Governor, Tammy Snyder Murphy, First Lady, California Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Kristin Cooper, First Lady, North Carolina. Additionally, representatives from California, New Jersey and New York, North Carolina and North Carolina, Utah, West Virginia, and leaders from academia, community groups, and the private industry were in attendance.

Over the two days, roundtable discussions unpacked the Initiative’s second pillar focusing on themes of building a foundation of diversity and equity in addressing stigma, reducing the stigma of mental health and seeking help, and increasing awareness around youth mental…

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