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‘Superman’ Dean Cain Opens Up About Hollywood ‘Debauchery’ – ‘I’ve Asked Forgiveness For Those Things’



Dean Cain
Source: High Point University YouTube

Earlier this year, the former “Superman” star Dean Cain, who has long been known as one of the only openly conservative stars in Hollywood, fled the liberal-run state of California in search of a better life in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, Cain is opening up about the “debauchery” that he witnessed during his decades in Hollywood.

Cain Talks Hollywood ‘Debauchery’

“I have my opinions,” Cain recently said, according to Faithwire. “You see a lot of debauchery in Hollywood. I’ve been debaucherous myself; I’ve done things that I’m not proud of. I’ve asked forgiveness for those things and I’ve mended my ways. There’s just so many things about being there.”

While Cain admitted that it’s possible to live a “godly” life in Hollywood, he made sure to add that it’s much easier to do so away from that world.

“You don’t find a whole lot of [Christian faith], certainly not openly, in Hollywood,” said Cain, 57. “That’s why I make all of the faith-based films that I make, because I want those messages out there. … I think those movies are really important.”

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