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Surprising CNN Poll: Trump Widens Lead Over Biden

Surprising CNN Poll: Trump Widens Lead Over Biden

A new poll conducted by CNN shows Donald Trump with his biggest lead since they began publishing re-election numbers, topping President Biden currently 49-43%.

Trump now holds a six-point advantage compared to when the survey was published in January.

Screenshot: CNN Twitter

Worse for Team Biden, adding third-party candidates widens the deficit even further. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein create significant problems for the incumbent.

In that scenario, Trump leads Biden 42-33%. Meanwhile, Kennedy earns a surprisingly large sector of the vote at 16%, West at 4% and Stein at 3%.

Screenshot: CNN Twitter

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CNN Poll Delivers More Bad News For Biden

The new CNN poll continues to deliver bad news for President Biden. It seems despite the constant media spin in his favor, and against the former President, Trump’s time in office is widely viewed as a much greater success.

According to the numbers – a reminder that this is a CNN poll – 55% of Americans view Trump’s presidency as a success compared to just 44% who believe it was a failure.

Let me repeat that – a CNN poll shows Trump’s presidency is viewed as a success by a majority of Americans.

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