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Suzanne Morphew’s remains found three years after she vanished


Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew’s remains have been found — more than three years after she failed to return home from a Mother’s Day bike ride.

The 49-year-old’s remains were discovered during a search Friday in Moffat, a town about 45 miles south of the Maysville home she shared with her husband and two daughters, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation announced Wednesday.

Investigators are withholding details about the state of Morphew’s remains and exactly where they were found.

The tragic discovery was accidental as CBI agents were combing the area as part of an investigation unrelated to her disappearance.

No arrests have been made since her remains were found and positively identified on Wednesday.

“Although locating Suzanne’s remains is a critical component of this investigation, and for her family, we are left with many more questions than answers, and it would be a disservice to conduct a news conference at this time,” Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said in a statement.

The development came just three months after investigators confidently announced they knew where Morphew’s body was located.

Prosecutors had said “she is in a very difficult spot” and that gathering enough evidence to prove she was murdered could still take years.

Suzanne Morphew’s remains were found by…

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