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Sylvania Waters Retreat reimagined with a dance studio and Airbnb.


The Koi pond at 24 Roper Crescent, Sylvania Waters.

The Koi Pond at Sylvania Waters, 24 Roper Crescent

Buyers are showing great interest in a Shire waterfront home that has been recently resurrected due to its unique design and surprising inclusions.

The ultra-luxury property at 24 Roper Crescent in Sylvania Waters comes complete with its own Feng shui – the traditional Chinese practice that connects individuals to their surrounding environment.

The Sylvania Waters home will be auctioned off on the 25th February.

On the 25th of February, Sylvania Waters’ home will go up for auction.

The serene Koi pond that is located in the courtyard is just a few of the many features found in this six-bedroom, six-bathroom home measuring 790 sqm.
Other Feng Shui features include the north-facing water and the south-facing hillsides.

The property was listed in the past for $3m. Its current owners purchased it in January 2016. Since then, its façade and pool area have been upgraded.
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The property was rebuilt in 2016, with the facade and pool completely updated.

The facade and pool were completely renovated in 2016.

Entrepreneurs looking to maximise the potential of the property can transform the home’s two bedroom apartment into an Airbnb that could fetch $450 per night in peak times.

For buyers who have large families, the apartment is just one of many living areas.

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