Monday, August 15, 2022
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The Ideal Influence Point for the Chinese Communist Party—With Rex Lee

Powerful K Street lobbyists are being hired by the Chinese Communist Party to do its bidding, lobbying Congress to influence America. The question is:...

US House Speaker Pelosi Meets Taiwan President Tsai

US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi met Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen in Taipei on August 3 during a visit that China says...

2022 End Persecution of Falun Gong Parade in Washington

The persecution of Falun Gong or Falun Dafa, a spiritual meditation practice, is ongoing in China. This July 20 marks the 23rd year...

US Bill Targets Beijing Over Uyghur Forced Labor

Commentary Beijing is furious over a new U.S. law. It passed late in 2021 but only went into effect this past June. It would...

Microsoft’s Bing Censors Politically-Sensitive Chinese Names in US Searches: Report

Microsoft-owned search engine Bing is targeting politically sensitive Chinese names for censorship in the United States, according to research. Citizen Lab, a cyber research...

North Korea launches more ballistic missiles as it prepares to test...

On Sunday, the North Korean government launched eight ballistic missiles as the country’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, tries to establish the country as...

China, Russia Contributed Funding to U.N.’s Pro-dictator Rapporteur

Alena Douhan, a U.N. expert, has lobbied for rogue regimes against Western sanctions.
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