Monday, June 27, 2022
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Bill would yank US out of UN

Republican Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama has reintroduced legislation that would completely sever America's ties with the United Nations. GOP Rep. Thomas Massie...

North Korea launches more ballistic missiles as it prepares to test...

On Sunday, the North Korean government launched eight ballistic missiles as the country’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, tries to establish the country as...

North Korea launches 8 ballistic missiles – nuke may be next

North Korea launched eight ballistic missiles toward the sea Sunday as dictator Kim Jong Un tries to establish the country as a global...

Senators call for US to withdraw from WHO

Republican Sens. Steve Daines of Montana and Tom Cotton of Arkansas are calling upon President Joe Biden to pull the U.S. out of...

China, Russia Contributed Funding to U.N.’s Pro-dictator Rapporteur

Alena Douhan, a U.N. expert, has lobbied for rogue regimes against Western sanctions.
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