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Taiwan rejects Hong Kong immigrants who work for companies with China links


The implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, (HKNSL), has seen a significant increase in emigration from Hong Kong. Taiwan is a popular spot for immigration, as well as the United Kingdom and Canada. However, the Taiwan government has handled more than 70 administrative complaints for Hong Kong residents to apply for residency and settlement in the past two years, all of which were rejected by the Executive Yuan in Taiwan, pertaining to “a risk of prejudice to national security or interests.” Current affairs commentator Ng Chi-sum said that sometimes it is difficult to understand the Taiwan government’s decision, describing Taiwan’s immigration policy as “really tight.”

The Epoch Times reporter looked up some of the appeal decisions on the website of the Executive Yuan in Taiwan and found that the Executive Yuan’s reasons for rejecting the appeal of applicants from Hong Kong were mainly related to their previous employment in Hong Kong.  Some Taiwanese immigrant investors have also been accused in Taiwan of creating suspicious companies.

Example: In the case No. For example, in case No. The person continues to work from home in the “PCCW Global” in Taiwan. The residence permit…

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