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Tennessee mom holds home intruder at knifepoint after her child found him hiding from cops in her playroom, police say


A mom in Tennessee says her family hasn’t yet recovered from finding a home intruder in her child’s playroom and holding him at knifepoint until police arrived.

Cory Conquest told WSMV-TV that she had seen a man walking into their garage in Greenbriar on Lynwood Drive on Friday but that she didn’t find anyone when she searched her home.

An hour later, her 8-year-old daughter found him hiding in her playroom on the second floor.

“She came running back downstairs screaming and crying that there was a man up there,” Conquest said. “Because of what had happened earlier in the day, I assumed it was the same man.”

Conquest took action to protect herself and her child.

“I immediately grabbed a kitchen knife for my own protection,” she continued. “I stepped to the bottom of the playroom stairs as he came stumbling down the stairs.”

She said she held him at knifepoint for about two minutes before police arrived. They identified him as Charles Mann and told her that they had chased after him twice that same day.

Police said Mann had a lengthy criminal history with charges of domestic assault, theft, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Conquest says that her daughter was so traumatized by the incident that she has not been able to set foot inside the room since.

“We’re not ok…

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