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The 20 best hair removal products of 2022 that actually work


Whether you like to be as smooth as a baby’s behind or just be trimmed and tidy, hair removal can get a bit, well, hairy if you don’t have the right stuff.

We’re talking razors, wax strips, at-home lasers and more, which all do the job of removing any unwanted body hair when used properly.

While daunting for some, once you get the hang of it, at-home hair removal can be quick, painless and way less expensive than frequenting a salon every few weeks. Plus, being your own barber, so to speak, can be a lot less intimidating for those new to the waxing or laser game.

See below for some of the best at-home hair removal products, including razors, hair removal creams, waxing kits and epilators that will have you summer-ready in a snap.

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Best at-home waxing products

1. Bliss Poetic Waxing At Home Wax Kit, $25

A blue cup of blue wax and a white stir stick

Wax poetic and then wax your legs with this kit from Bliss.

The blue at-home wax kit can be used wherever you feel needs some hair removal, from legs and arms to underarms and bikini lines. The kit is just like the salon, but simpler, as all you need to do is microwave the blue cup and stir until wax is the correct consistency, spread onto hair with the included applicator and once dry enough, remove the wax with a quick tug against the direction of hair growth.

2. Flamingo Wax Trio, $28

A waxing kit with strips and a box and a pamphlet with Ashley Graham on it

Flaunt your legs and underarms with Flamingo.

This the waxing kit is really all you need to prep for a hairless summer. The kit includes 20 face wax strips, 28 body wax strips, 24 pubic wax strips and 22 post-wax cloths and a soothing serum for cleaning up after.

3. Lansley Home Waxing Kit, $37

An at home salon waxing kit with gloves, sticks, wax beads and a melter

Bring the salon home to you with this high quality waxing set.

The Lifestance set has everything you need to open your own little waxing parlor, including the wax warmer, four packages of wax beads, applicator sticks, gloves and more. Make sure to read the instructions for new waxers, but pros will love just how great this kit compares to their salon’s.

4. Gigi At Home Beginner Waxing Starter Kit, $50

A yellow and white waxing kit with a wax warmer, sprays, sticks and strips
Ulta Beauty

Beginner waxers, never fear. Gigi is here.

Grab the Gigi At Home Beginner set from Ulta Beauty and become a pro in no time, as this kit has it all. The set includes the professional-grade wax and wax warmer as well as cleansers, powder, strips, applicators and more to make your at-home experience as easy and pain-free as possible.

5. Parissa Face & Lip Wax Strips, $12

Parissa face and lip wax strips in a black and pink box
Ulta Beauty

Put your best face forward this season.

These face and lip strips from Parissa make facial waxing super easy, as all you need to do is press them onto the location of your choosing and then remove quickly and firmly in the opposite direction of hair growth for the best result. The box includes 20 strips that should last up to six weeks per use, lasting you all summer long.

Best razors for women

1. Billie Razor Starter Kit, $10

A billie razor, box and extra head.

Leave it to your new BFF Billie to take care of any unwanted hair.

Billie razors offer a smooth shave with minimal irritation. For the easiest start, check out their starter kits that include a razor in the color of your choosing as well as an extra head with five blades and a magnetic holder and free shipping.

2. BIC Soleil Color Collection, $8

A three pack of pink and red razors on a marble background
Patrick Shuck

With colors to match the tropical vibes, check out BIC Soleil razors, sold at Walmart for under $10. Get three razors per pack, all of which can be used on legs, underarms and any area where you want to wave goodbye to hair with a swipe of their aloe-lubricated blades.

3. Gillette Venus For Pubic Hair & Skin Razor, $20

A razor in a box for sensitive skin
Ulta Beauty

Get your bikinis on and hit the beach with confidence all year long.

The Gillette Venus razor was specially designed for a woman’s pubic area, as that skin is far more delicate and sensitive than other areas on her body. It comes with a smaller head and a precision trimmer best suited for your swimsuit area and an “Irritation Defense Bar” to smooth skin and only take away the hair down there.

4. Hollywood Browzer Dermaplaning Tool, $12

A pink dermaplaning tool in a gold and black box

Don’t furrow your brow at eyebrow maintenance until you’ve tried this.

The Hollywood Browzer is a dermaplanning tool you need to try, now sold on Amazon. Not only does it shape brows, but use it to remove peach fuzz on your face as well, perfect to use before a facial or to exfoliate every once in a while.

Best hair removal creams

1. Veet Sensitive Hair Remover Gel Cream, $8

A pink pump bottle of Veet hair removal cream

If wax and razors stress you out, turn to a cream with a name brand even your mom will stand behind.

Veet is a tried and true hair removal cream, now sold in a sensitive skin solution. Simply cleans your skin, apply the cream and wait the designated five to 10 minutes and then wipe clean with the included spatula before hopping back in the shower to fully remove all the cream.

2. Nair Hair Remover Bikini Cream, $4

A box of Nair bikini hair removal cream

Another brand women know and love is Nair, and for good reason.

With so many different formulas to choose from, we recommend the sensitive formula fo your bikini line. It has green tea extract inside to soothe skin while the active ingredients remove hair during the time it sits on skin. Then simply remove the cream and cleanse the skin and say bye bye to razor burn and cuts for good.

3. Nair Nourish Moroccan Argan Oil Shower Power Max, $13

A bottle of Nair hair removal for the shower
Ulta Beauty

If you thought hair removal cream couldn’t get any easier, think again.

Now, do everything you need to do without leaving your nice warm shower. The Shower Power formula of Nair gets the job done all at once. Simply apply the cream before stepping into the shower on dry legs, arms or bikini line. Wait while the cream works its magic and the shower heats up for the amount of time designated on the bottle, and then step into the shower to remove both the cream and your hair, in soft circular motions.

4. Neomen Hair Removal Cream, $16

A green box and tube of hair removal cream

Remove hair and soothe skin with this hair removal cream from Neomen.

Sold on Amazon, the depilatory cream also has aloe in it, soothing your skin after gently removing the hair. It’s great for larger areas like the legs, and comes in a travel-sized tube perfect for vacations and packing for on-the-go.

5. Sally Hansen Hair Remover Kit, $7

A Sally Hansen box of face wax cream

Be gentle on your face with the help of Sally Hansen.

The tried and tested brand has a hair removal creme just for your face, making sure it isn’t too harsh for that sensitive area. It also comes with a moisturizing lotion for after — soothing skin and helping to eliminate redness or any reactions.

Best at-home laser hair removal and epilators

1. Kenzzi IPL Hair Removal Handset, $249

A IPL laser hair device on a woman's arm

If you’ve been dreaming of getting laser hair removal but the price of each session is a nightmare, it’s time to consider Kenzzi.

The at-home IPL device is easy to use without any extra equipment or paying $100 for each session at a spa. The kit comes with the device itself, a charging cable and instructions for use at home and results can be seen in as little as three to four weeks with proper use.

2. Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 At-home IPL Hair Removal System, $279, original price: $329

A gold and white IPL hair removal kit and case

Laser away unwanted hair at home with this system from Braun.

This device comes with the device itself, a precision head for harder to reach areas, a Venus razor for any trimming or cleanup and a travel case to fit it all. Plus, it is now on sale for $279 while supplies last.

3. Flawless by Finishing Touch Facial Hair Remover, $20

A white and rose gold electric facial shaver
Ulta Beauty

Feel flawless with this hand-held facial hair remover.

From Finishing Touch, the Flawless device is super easy to use on stubborn facial hair, and causes a lot less irritation than a traditional razor. Once turned on, the technology microscopically removes hair and wont leave you with nicks, cuts or the razor burn you may be too familiar with from other hair removal methods.

4. Philips Beauty Satinelle Essential Corded Epilator, $40

A pink and white epilator

For smooth legs that last weeks on end, try an epilator from Philips’ beauty line of products.

The pink and white device fits easily into your hand for a quick and pretty painless hair removal experience. The spinning hooks trap hair and removed them from the root, promoting thinner hair re-growth and a lot less quickly than before.

5. Braun Epilator Silk-epil Beauty Set, $64

A three-piece pink and white epilator set

For an all-in-one spa-like experience, turn to the team at Braun to get the job done.

The three-piece epilator set can be used both wet and dry, great for those that shave in the shower and those that like epilating from their couch while watching a show. The set comes with the epilator itself, a shaver head and a facial cleansing device to exfoliate before epilating.

6. Meridian Grooming The Trimmer, $74

A black electric shaver
Meridian Grooming

Grooming is gender neutral in our book.

While this trimmer may be designed for men, many women have been turning to men’s trimmers to get the job done with amazing results. This trimmer is great for a cut-free shave, that is also waterproof so you can use it in the shower.

For more recommendations, check out the New York Post Shopping section.

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