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The Battlefield Is Now Set in Gaza


The Israeli military is making good on its vow to take the fight directly to Hamas and its leadership. According to the IDF: “All the leadership of the Hamas terror organization—political and military—grew up in the area of ​​the city of Khan Younis, including Yahya Sinwar, Muhammad Sinwar, and Mohammed Deif. Now the city is surrounded by the 98th Division.”

Surrounding Khan Younis is only the beginning of an arduous phase in the war, but it means something significant: From this point forward, there is only the battlefield. The fight over a “ceasefire”—which to Israel’s Western critics simply means the Jewish state would lay down its arms—is over. Israel will let aid into Gaza, and other IDF divisions are still in the Strip, and there is no official timeframe for this stage. But with the encirclement of Khan Younis, there isn’t much left to talk about except whether Israel succeeds in defeating Hamas.

It’s true that, as Israel gets closer to its objective, global protests will continue and may even intensify. Indeed, the population of Khan Younis numbered about 400,000 before the war and may have absorbed nearly that many Gazans fleeing the north and other parts of the south over the past two months. Other Gaza population centers contain blocks and blocks of high-rises, but Khan…

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